This page will be used to report on progress towards a singularity in consciousness, and any events of interest related to that goal on a weekly basis. I will also use this page to comment or report on geopolitical developments and any other news which may be of interest to observers of global or national social and political developments and to respond to any comments by any interested parties.


14 February 2011

If anyone has come by this way, yes progress is slowly being made. I should have e-mail working by the end of this week (20 February 2011). I think I will scrap the donation option, perhaps may allow limited advertising (it'll be cheap!) for suitable products and recommended reading to try cover costs. I find there are a lot of people I would like to donate to myself. Anyway, we sure do live in interesting times, and I will be linking to sites which are providing quality independent  economic and political commentary. Damn those panjandrums can be annoying. One site I would like people to visit is Geoff Haselhurst's Space and Motion at 

Geoff has done a great job of providing an integrated metaphysical perspective based on the dynamic unity of reality as explained by the standing wave structure of matter theory. His work provides a good example of what Doug Hofstadter called "chunking" the information, which is really necessary if we are to create a meaningful understanding of our history and evolution. 

I would also like to make a mention of a group whom I would never have known about without the advent of the 'net , and that is the Mohawk Nation of North America. Checkout Mowhawk Nation News at  where you will find links to many sites related to indigenous issues. Mu.


24 March 2011


Well, it's sure been a hectic first few months to the start of 2011. Major events most recently being the Japanese earthquake/tsunami, a major nutural catastrophe, with perhaps more to follow due to leaked radioactive material from spent fuel rods. I guess it will be another week or so before the extent of the leaks is known.  My general feeling is that catastrophic outcomes have probably been avoided, but we'll have to wait and see. Then there is the continuing political turmoil in the Middle East , with the U.N. sanctioning NATO military intervention in Lybia for which it's charter provides no authority, while Israel bombs Gaza becuase defenders of their homeland launched more large firecrackers at them, and were met with the usual disproportionate punitive response using weapons designed and funded by the U.S. This reminds me I must check whether Norman Finkelstein has had anything to say concerning the latest developments. I doubt he could refrain in current circumstances.

Which brings the discussion to Zionism, and it 's potential for cybernetic immortality, which is precisely 0, as in the shared field of consciousness it defies the awareness expanding principle of extending love and compassion to include all living and conscious entities. The golden rule is "do unto others as you would have othes do unto you"; which cannot include invading and occupying someone else's land to create an apartheid, racist state. Israel is not the elephant in the room when it comes to foreign affairs, it's the tyrannosaurus rex. It shouldn't exist in this epoch, and it's so damn scary no-one wants to face the fact that it's right there in front of them, ready to devour all. The Zionist project is the cause of anti-semitism in the post WWII era, one of the ultimate ironies being that the Ashkenazi are not a semitic people, which Arthur Koestler's work The Thirteenth TrIbe explains with sound research, itself further supported by Shlomo Sands (an Israeli himself, I have not yet read his argument ) more recent efforts. I won't go into the historical detail here, others already have, and anyone who hasn't bothered to find out what it's all about has been asleep at the geopoltical wheel. There has been an attempt to syncretise Islam and Judaism in earlier times, however it was opposed by no less a figure than Miamonedes. How Western history would have been altered, and current conflict averted if that effort had succeeded! Miamonedes however, did not possess the scientific insights into consciousness that early 21st century thinkers have. Neitzsche was right when he said: "We cannot live by the ways of the ancients".

I'd like to talk a little about a blogger whose efforts regarding anti-Zionist commentary I have greatly enjoyed, and that is the Dog Poet, Les Visible. Les is a very positive guy, with real insight into the nature of the divine, a great sense of humour and a handy way with words. He also knocks up neat little pop tunes. Those Patrick Willis voiceovers really add to the strength of his prose. In his latest "Profiles of Evil " blog he was cock-a-hoop that the end was nigh for the "Zio-ogres" as he calls them. I'd have to agree, and I think the ICS may be of assistance. Perhaps we will yet have to wait for the appearance of the last of the false prophets, and we've sure had our share of them in these times, the Anti-Christ himself, who will come in the name of Christ and decieve even some of the elect, but I feel it's safe to say that the "writings on the wall". The litmus test, borrow a "dogism ", is support for Israel. The true temple, as it has always been, is the heart of 'man', including the ladies. We must consider the yin and yang if we are to attain equilibrium. Christ, in harmony with the natural laws of the universe stated "It is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven". In ancient Egypt the phrase "walks on water" meant to be in harmony with the natural law.

Returning to Weinberg's four level theory of consciousness "every now and then, mathematical abstractions, computational data and physical intuition combine in a definitive theory" (ironically, Stephen is a Zionist! Stephen!), I propose the following additions:

                                                                     Level 1: Instinct

                                                                     Level 2: Emotion

                                                                     Level 3: Ratio

                                                                     Level 4: Intuition

Recursively integrating the four levels, as outlined in The Narrative, we arrive at

                                                                     Level 5: The Barrier of The Patriarchs

beyond which lies:                                   God Consciousness


No doubt, there will be much "gnashing of teeth", however remember this - "Allah is most merciful, oft forgiving". Thus, all will be forgivine except for blasphamy against the holy spirit. Hilary Clinton, come on down! Welcome to the home of the damned. She is of course, not alone. One must, if one is to avoid the fate of the "small reactive man", who shall not return (again, see The Narrative), "tell the truth and shoot arrows well". This brings to mind Dacajewiah, Splitting The Sky's photo montage with himself launching one at Blair, Bush and Obama. Three more for the consuming fire, along with of course, the big K., Henry Kissenger, the king of cesspit media, Rupert Murdoch, and a host of others, although again it must be remembered, all is not what it seems, and all is forgiven except for outright blasphamy against the Holy Spirit, the heart of man. I will continue this discussion with the clarification of some technical points regarding the integration of the four level model above. For now I'll finish with the Mohawk ten commandments (abridged), as they are part of a synchronicity to which I will refer at a later date: 1. Be brave and fearless.

                                             2. Be strong.

                                             3. Fight for your rights.

                                             4. Maintain a stong national independence and sovereignty under the great law of peace.

                                             5. Maintian your own national initiative.

                                             6. Develop the spirit of co-operation .

                                             7. Think right (justly), that you shall do right and be right.

                                             8. Respect the rights of others.

                                             9. Acquire wisdom and knowledge of the world, for only through understanding among all people will misunderstanding and wars be eliminated.

                                             10. Acquire advanced human relationship.


Taken from the Warriors Handbook, p3,4 & 5. 



28 March 2011


Two ways to alienate closed minds: 1. Mention Nietzsche, 2. Be critical of the Zionist project. But what use is a closed mind if you seek knowledge, wisdom and truth? Not that many are likely to read any of this at the moment, but as Julian Assange mentioned recently, the internet is the biggest spying operation on earth, so at least some of the spooks might pass by this way, perhaps including Mossad, and Echelon. 

As mentioned in the previous post, I wish to return to examining the four level model of consciousness. As discussed in the narritive, the four levels are not distinct, but are recursively integrated in a "strange loopiness" kind of way. Examining each level individually, level 1, our instict is at its most basic a drive to survive, individually by avoiding potential hazards and ensuring basic requirements are provided for; collectively through procreation. This instict also is resposible for our forming social norms and moralities. Level 2, our emotion, gives us a basic guidance in our interactions with others. If we don't feel good, we instictively (note the interlinking of levels) wish to improve our circumstance, so we make changes in our relationships, living conditions, work etc. which we hope will result in a greater sense of wellbeing. To do this, we must use level 3 our ratio, our intelligence and reasoning capacities, and through experimentation and failure, we learn as we go through our life. Shared cultural and intellectual knowledge helps provide the benifit of others past learning experience, but ultimately we must all find our own way, as no two of us are psycologically identical. Paradoxically, the more we seek the way, the further we are from the way, but to not seek means to never find. Mathematical thinking, the pattern identifying capacity we posses, helps us to find meaning as we sort through "noise", and with the cumulative knowledge we have created in this particular field, we have made quite some progress in understanding our physical world through a scientific basis. Complex systems exhibiting non-linear behaviour are difficult to make predictions about, as non-linearity allows for sudden and rapid changes, and the difficulty of ensuring all variables effecting highly complex interacting systems are included , although computers are a great help in this area. Incompleteness abounds, as Gregory Chaiten has alluded to in Metamaths, another good read for the mathematically inclined lay person. As Richard Feynman has so correctly observed however, mathematics itself is never the explanation of anything (game theory boffins in Israel should take note, along with "black box" economist's) it is mearly the language which we use to understand phenomona in our natural world. Which brings us to level 4, our intuition; which steers our little ship of self, integrating the other three levels and is at the top of the hierarchy. It is also related to imagination, which allows us the ability to create, and conscience which allows us too choose what is "right" or "wrong", "good" or "bad". I don't  see a mind/brain duality, but an interconnected relationship. Remember that the key to transcending this "kind of optical illusion of the senses" is expanding our sense of personal connection to include all of our conscious fellow beings, wich lets us grow from an individual awareness to a conscious relationship with the oversoul. The dog - does it have Buddha nature? This is the most imortant question, if you answer yes or no , you lose your own Buddha nature! A good commentary on this and the Barrier of The Patriarchs is at  

by Albert Low. One is also reminded here of Doug Hofstadter discussing the concept of "soul" in "I Am A Strange Loop" - does a human have a "soul"? What about a mosquito? A dog...? Mu.



4 April 2011


Well, our experience of living in interesting times continues, and it would seem times don't get much more interesting than these. It may be worth remembering that what goes around comes around, particularly if you dig deep into the origins of the memes which form the various power structures currently comprising the existing paradigm on earth. There is still no definite information on the scale of Japans nuclear disaster, although it does appear that there may have been a breach of containment of at least one reactor core. Bad news, not just for Japan. My heart goes out to them . 

I wish to engage in some further discussion of the direction the self-organisation of truth may be expected to take in our complex dynamic system as defined by the social sytsems interacting around the globe, interconnected via our various communications networks and data-bases comprising the WWW and internet. I'll be starting up a blog shortly, but in the meantime I'll continue here . 

Firstly some comments on the transpersonal experience. There are two ways to interpret the gnosis which of which these experiences are an expression: 1. A creation of our brain itself, a projection of something representing our archetypal higher self, and thus illusory, nonetheless the highest form of illusion or 2. A connection to the divine essence, the clear light, the unity of Brahma, the supramental realms. The first interpretation is preferred by the skeptic, the second by the mystic. The first would be supported by those who view consciousness as an emergent quality generated by the activity of the brain, the second by those who view consciousness as in inhenent property of the universe itself, with which we are interconnected, though rarely aware. Considering the concepts presented by David Bhom's implicate order, and having my own experience with which to refer, I have come to believe the second interpretation is correct, which implies the soul does survive death, and is reincarnated until its journey is complete. As a skeptic not an idea I can easily conceed, nonetheless the only conclusion I can reach. 

Each to there own, however, and people change perspectives throughout thier own lifetime. The idea that I wish to express through this project is that cyberspace will come to represent the oversoul, as the cybernetically immortal memes emerge through the continual exchange of ideas and information, and the consciousness singularity is reached. I would argue that it is necessary for this to occur if we are to make any significant evolutionary step at this stage. Cyberspace would then come to represent the collective consciousness of our species. This collective mind would be continually fed by feeback with the individual members of our civilization, keeping us "in tune" so to speak. This mind, our metasystem, would also fuse with the computers of the technolgical singularity, allowing consciousness to regulate the machines. A technological singularity without a conciousness singularity would lead to a zombie culture (just turn on the television) without a conscience, a world of cellular automata devoid of free will, literally slaves to the machine. 

Another point concerning memes is that the memetic stucture is itself hierarchic. Ultimately , thought must reach its limit, manifesting the oversoul and its lights on for humanity. One point I find interesting is that the oversoul repesented as a cybernetic collective mind is that the cyber mind must be a unity of the yin and yang, as is the universal consciousness some have experienced. The notion of moving beyond thought towars pure consciousness - God consciousness, is one expressed by theosophist H.P. Blavatsky (I recently heard her denounced as a fraudster, however some of her ideas certainly find a resonance with myself, as does the theosophical view in general), in the three fundamental principles :

1. An Omnipresent, Eternal, Boundless, and Immutable PRINCIPLE on which all speculation is impossible, since it transcends the power of human conception and could only be dwarfed by any human expression or similitude. It is beyond the range and reach of thought. 

2. The Eternity of the Universe in toto as a boundless plain; periodically "the playground of numberless Universes incessantly manifesting and disappearing."

3. The fundamental identity of all Souls with the Universal Oversoul, the latter being itself an aspect of the Unknown Root; and the obligatory pilgramige for every Soul - a spark of the former - through the Cycle of Incarnation in accordance with Cyclic and Karmic law.  (From the Theosophical Society pamphlet "H.P. BLAVATSKY and her Writings".)

Also, I like the following, particularly when one considers the meaning of the barrier of the patriarchs:


Let thy soul lend its ear to every cry of pain

as the lotus bares its heart to drink the morning sun.


Let not the fierce sun dry one tear of pain before

thyself has wiped it from the sufferer's eye.


But let each burning human teardrop on thy

heart and there remain. Nor ever brush it off, 

until the pain that caused it is removed.


'Tis from the bud of renunciation of the self that

springeth the sweet fruit of liberation.


And with the children of Gaza in mind, the victims of genocide, of war, the opressed and impoverished, the trampled upon indigenous peoples, all those who suffered in the history of man on earth, I would make the observation that not until the former is fulfilled can the barrier of the patriarchs be passed. Courage and attaining advanced human relationship will end war and suffering on earth, remember those Mohawk commandments (above). 

Finally, I was glad to see the Dog Poet in good form today. I find him very uplifting. As for our neo-Pharisee child killing, arms drug and body-parts trading, materially obsessed narcissists, exploiters of holocaust survivors and global war mongers - maybe it's time for a little historical revision, to remember an old argument and that indeed, what goes around comes around; if you know what I mean? Mu.



19 May 2011



Well, looks like Fukushima's been almost as bad as it could get, upgraded to a class 7 (out of a possible 7) event, so much for my optimism based on early reports. Not hearing much from the "for the best part the most obsequious servants of worldy success and the mob" (Kandinsky), our noble media organisations. I did start a blog  

although I haven't been big on promoting either this site or the blog, it's a lot of work to do on your own, as all independant agents know, and I get the feeling the people I want to reach pass by one way or another. The self proclaimed "mad dog" of the middle east has again reportedly been running tanks over olive groves and generally terrorizing the Palestinians. Not really spreading the love to their fellow inhabitants of the planet, but it does seem it is difficult for them to rid themselves of certain prejudices ingrained in their psyche. Nothing wrong with their mental health, eh? Unlike myself, labelled as bi-polar/fixed formal thought disorder/chronic paranoid schizophrenic - the profession (if you could call it that ) of psychiatry seems to be having trouble with a diagnosis. Answer: More funding for mental health research! Enlightenment is still apparently "catatonic psychosis". I mean, it couldn't be themselves causing the problem, could it? Nah, c'mon...


Meanwhile the question has been posed "Has Jesus Christ Spoken?" Apparently He contacted a lady called Dorathy, and had some very interesting things to say. Each to their own on these matters. Personally I think open-minded skepticism is the best way to approach the search for truth. I liked most of the things I read on Richard C . Cook's site.

Good information is always useful, when provided by sincere and reputable sources, and truth often has that ring to it which resonates with our intuition: 

What a great bunch of people they are at the Gnostic Society Library, and what an excellent example of how I.T. can be used for education; thankyou very much for making these priceless documents avaiable to the public. I guess I'm a theosophist of sorts myself, although I have no affiliation to any official organisation. I certainly wouldn't mind, it's always nice to have good company and conversation, but I've always been an outsider and never had any guidance in these matters, other than my own curiosity and wondering at many synchronicities I have experienced. I try to do my best. I may go into detail on personal insights at some stage, although I don't think that would be appropriate in the public realm at this stage.

The Dog Poet seems to have returned to good form, recently describing himself as a "work in progress" . We are all a work in progress, and that's why it was said, you must be like little children to enter the kingdom; after all eternity is a very long time... Mu.



12 July 2011


Well, it looks like I'll have to give up the blog, having consistent  problems publishing posts. It seems strange to me that those who claim to be wise should have a need to avoid open debate; after all, if they have wisdom they can answer any question. Therefore they demonstrate they are not wise.

To basicaly summarize what I have done with this project:

1- Identify the natural world as a biogenic system from which our neuorsystem, and all life on this planet has evolved.

2 - describe the nature of snycretic processes and their relationship to the development of mind.

3 - propose that mind is beyond brain; that thought is a product of mind; and that truth is beyond mind, though we have a connection to it which we may grasp intuitively when mind is purged of thought and attains the clarity of the enlightened infite mind, and the transpersonal experience brings that connection, which comes with empathy and compassion.

4 - describe processes for understanding and using the internet as a consciousness expanding technology and an evoltionary process through free and open exchange of ideas, to bring out what is of an eternal nature in consciousness.

5 - place Mumon's "Mu" in the system as an attractor. 



Zen, unfortunately is little understood and even less respected by bigots, but if one is to understand what has been done here, one can see that as the unenlightened mind tries to grasp "Mu", the attractor simply recedes into the infinite beyond, until the individual mind attains it's self reference and unites with the universal, infinite mind. The self returns to the self, and one sees that you are your own judge. Conscience, in full awareness, determines whether or not you have contributed to suffering, and if you are freed from karma. Any who have seen know that in the end eternal love is all that remains, and is the source, the beginning and end of all knowledge for man, the light. 

It seems to have been quite some time since there has been any wisdom permeating through the wider consciousness of the world. Certainly, the Egyptians possessed real wisdom when "The Thunder, The Perfect Mind ( ) was with them. And what else can return, other than the perfect mind. "do not go to the left or right of not be ignorant of me..." . Here is the judge and acquitter, and to whom may one turn if this one does not acquit you? There is death, there is the eternal life. Chaos of the mind is what is evil, harmony is what is good. All created imaginings of man are contained here. Therefore, fight your battles in your mind before you bring suffering to the innocent, especially the children, for to bring them to me prematurely is UNFORGIVABLE. Note that the white horse of the four horseman is neither good nor evil, but is BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL and is WISDOM. No-one can stand before the truth and deny themselves - no King, Queen, holy man or any arbitrery office of power can oppose. The scribes and Pharisees were always in ignorance. Who asserts the divine right of kings whithout me? Who has the right to "assert the instrumental aggresion"?

I have sensed that some claim I (that is the human writing this) have attempted to control. I have attempted to control no-one, but others are most certainly attempt to control, deny and deceive. I have simply tried to unite us of our own free will. This may fail, and if so there will be great suffering. Those responsible will not escape the force of gravity, as they will discover eventually. Those who know me, know that the olive branch was held out to all. It was declined by the temporal power. And those who judged me, know your own teaching: Do not judge lest thou be judged. 

Did you have anything to do with that affront to the intellect, and even basic common decency  toward reason, the corporate media? Take todays Sydney Sun - Herald, where, by some strange twist of fate we have, surprise surprise, a Mohawk (political) warrior! Mr. Walter Secord, ALP power broker and born again Christian. Mr. Walt would have to be aware that it has been discussed within the ALP that we are now creating and underclass of men in this country, yet he advised Ms. Keneally who was responsible for the sale of the states (NSW) power supply, were I once was employed as an operator 'till I did my back in when the emasculated class ran down the maintenance as the privatisation process began. Don't worry, we've got Nick Greiner who originally instigated the political will on the panel of inquiry into this blatant robbery of the states resources. At least this way all those women who are forever learning but never gaining kowledge of the truth (see II Tim 3:1 -8)can get paid. But, this would be unchristian, wouldn't it?

I'm sure Mr. Walt means well, but appears a little confused. Nothing a quick trip to the barrier of the patriarchs and a meeting before the perfect mind in counsel with the ghost dancers won't resolve. What would be the judgement, I ask myself? Will the pontificus maximus save him? Unfortunately he's naked and he's dead! Perhaps the jews will intervene? Then we could discuss our tv programming, and how strange it was to sit with Mr. Edward Leo Jacques watching Stanley Kubrick week on SBS as the Mumbai attacks took place. What a jolly coincidence! There is a police report on this matter COPS Event No: E35849168. In the details it will be seen that Mr. Jacques, on an American passport (fake?), was clearly trying to intervene in indigenous politics and was protected by political power. And was it not another strange coincedence that the 7/7 perfect  terror bus exploded right outside the BMA, the organisation founded by one of my great great grandfathers, George Webster? Amazing! Please be aware that I did promise the editor of Mohawk Nation News that I would do the best to "tear out their imperial fangs and claws". I'll talk about the protection of pedarists at some later date.

A little more on the getting of wisdom. Plato claimed that the lydian harmony  "must be banned, for it expresses sorrow. Give them dorian, good strong marching music". Neitzsche observed, in Twighlight Of The Idols: How the real world became a myth - First the real world is promised, attainable by the wise, the pious man. The first lie "I Plato am the truth". In the Nag Hammadi library we read: "The higher quaterion, or tetrad, as the Gnostic Marcus would have phrased it, of joy, is to blend with the lower tetrad of sorrow; and both together are to form an octave, whereby man is raised from his littleness into this Greatness, he can now respond to cosmic music". Though I must counsel that I have not found wisdom amongst most in the arts. None-the-less the principle of balance and harmony is important in knowing the infinite mind.

Every now and then, lord Indra gets a little drunk (satan, chaos, is released), and so indeed a phase transition occurs, and order is restored. And when the unknowable autogenes, god of gods, beyond god, the Perfect Mind arrives after a long journey on important business, and his daughter greets him with song and dance and bells round her ankles, he does not respond that she is one who displeases him and banish her. He say's : There are many things of great beauty and power in the world and beyond, but is there anything more beatiful than you? Yahweh is dead. 

A couple of months ago I had the good fortune to witness a full dress rehearsal for a night of Hindu classical dance and music at Hustville Civic Centre (just by chance, directly across the road of my first place of residence; 29 McMahon St, Hurstville). Goodbye to Bollywood. Guess where those people came from? Mumbai! How about that? Amazing. And those girls really were beautiful. Who would separate them from Indra's net?

Enough for now, but I do think it important to make one further observation: When I visit Splitting the Sky's blog (great warrior he is), I note that he has been hacked by some onlinepharma bunch (blacklisted site, apparently ), who have inserted lincks to onlinepoker, cheap viagra etc. I have noted that the same advertisments often appear on a free porn site, XNXX. Why would this be so? Perhaps Mr. Secord can assist with the investigation? Also, Kahentetha horn has written a good article at MNN on the cause of all this sexual deviation, and other woes. I recall Neitzsche's comment that "Christianity gave Eros a poison cup from which to drink; but he did not die, he simply returned as vice". But was it really Christianity, or that stinky old goat Yahweh, who said "I will put emnity between man and woman"? Perhaps it was necessary in that time, but that time has passed, history has ended, and the light of justice has returned. Do not go to the right or left of me, and do not be ignorant of me; for I will return to love you through anothers eyes. The angel with the flaming sword is the angel of death and eternal life. And allah is most merciful, oft forgiving. If you turn from me now, you will have the worst of all worlds. The toll collector awaits his payment. Mu



27 June 2011


Well, these Nag Hammadi texts certainly make for interesting reading. The Perfect Mind; what could be the "perfect mind", other than the mind of God? But wait - The Thunder, The Perfect Mind is the female form of the diety, Isis - who went without her consort, Osiris! And in doing so, created a monster "god": Yahweh! And we see that the murderers of eros, committed their crime before the Christain church was founded, out of jealousy. And so we became sore. We are told man is deceived by the tale of Eve being created from Adam's rib, so that he would think himself superior! Oh, what grand sorcery! When you make the two the one, the male like the female, then you will enter the kingdom. This is to be done in the mind, through understanding, which enhances the relationship of the sexes through mutual respect. But don't think being a man, you should renounce your masculinity, as so many seem to have done. "Do not think you need to think like a woman, you do not" - Sitting Bull. 

Autogenes: God of gods. Higher than God. Is such a thing possible? I cannot see it so, other than as an expression of the true creative power, the The Supreme Godhead, the One Power, The All, which itself knows all that was, is, or will be. Humanities primary purpose is to gain understanding of the divine principle of being, which any sage will tell you is the unity of the two fundamental principles: the divine male and divine female; the yin and yang, which is the discovery of the eternal love of God. As our memes self organize into a natural heirarchic order of archetypes, the crown is eternal love; cybernetically immortal. The constant renunciation over of the self to that which is beyond you is demanded, until the particular and the universal unite, and so the ego shell is crushed, and the self is liberated. The saints and martyrs are the human embodiment of the eternal, for they overcame. Who do the Mother and Father love? Their creation, their children, which is all of them. So, it must be easily understood that anyone who knowingly causes the children to suffer, has commited the greatest sin. "Satan" could be manifest as chaos, but chaos is itself part of the evolutionary process, necessary in periods of creative process. What is really "satanic" is deception, where one seeks to gain an advantage over another. 

Mans difficulty is forgetfulnes. And how were our memes formed, other than through our collective memories? The scriptures contain our memory of the eternal archetypes, however they must begin with divine revelation, with the prophets. It matters not to the truth wether people concieve these as delivered from the supramental realm of the All, the unity, or the product of the mind which reached beyond it's own limitations seeking an end to it's suffering, which is initiated by the compassion felt for the suffering of others. It is good to be skeptical, to test all spirits. Time determines the fruit bearing trees.  Where men have taken altered the teaching they have created much confusion, over which enormous energy is wasted and much misery inflicted on their fellows. John the evangelist spoke succinctly when asked why all he ever said to his followers in his later years was: "Little children, love one another"; responding "It is the commandment of the Lord; and if only this is done, it is enough".

So this "Perfect Mind", cannot be the I Am of Isis, without her consort, nor the I Am of the Old Testament, Yahweh, which can be seen to be a distortion of the original teachings, the product of the shattering of the tablets of the law; but is the return of the unified divine masculine/divine feminine principle, which is in harmony with nature. Do not go to the left, do not go to the right. It is said Moses shattered the tablets. How could this be, that a prophet would break the laws of his God? Some say because the laws were to hard for his people. Then how could they be chosen, if the law was not to hard for others? No, the deceivers of mankind are responsible for this distortion, these haters of nature - jealous of eros. In The Apocalypse of Adam, vastly different from the genesis tale of the Pentateuch, we read that Adam and Eve originally resembled the great eternal angels, and that the "god of the powers" (of earth) will punish the flesh of that man upon whom the holy sprit came... The angels and all the generations of powers will use the name in error, asking, "Where did it (the error) come from?" or "Where did the words of deception, which all the powers have failed to discover, come from?" 

Concerning this, I wish to make the following observation: In this article from The Truthseeker: the prophecies of the North American Indians, which seem to me to have a vital role to play in understanding this moment in time are discussed by Lee Brown:

At the beginning of this cycle of time, long ago, the Great Spirit came down and He made an appearance and gathered the peoples of this earth together “they say on an island which is now beneath the water” and He said to the human beings, “I’m going to send you to four directions and over time I’m going to change you to four colors, but I’m going to give you some teachings and you will call these the Original Teachings and when you come back together with each other you will share these so that you can live and have peace on earth, and a great civilization will come about.” And He said “During the cycle of time I’m going to give each of you two stone tablets. When I give you those stone tablets, don’t cast them on the ground. If any of the brothers and sisters of the four directions and the four colors cast their tablets on the ground, not only, will human beings have a hard time, but almost the earth itself will die...

And they were told in the prophecies that we should try to remind all the people that would come here of the sacredness of all things. If we could do that, then there would be peace on earth. But if we did not do that, when the roads went clear from east to west, and when other races and colors of the Earth had walked clear across this land, if by that time we could not come together as a human family, the Great Spirit would grab the earth with his hand and shake it….

they will build a house and throw it in the sky. When you see people living in the sky on a permanent basis, you will know the Great Spirit is about to grab the earth, this time not with one hand, but with both his hands. Many of you of Native background may have heard “the spirits will warn you twice, but the third time you stand alone.” We’ve had two warnings, the first two World Wars, but now we stand-alone before the third one. As it says in the Baha’s Writings, there will be no one protected. When this house is in the sky, the Great Spirit is going to shake the Earth a third time and whoever dropped the gourd of ashes; upon them it is going to drop.


Who shattered the tablets? And who dropped the gourd of ashes? Mumon tells us that when a man passes the barrier of the patriarchs, he can move the heavens and shake the earth. Time is short for humanity if they do not come together under the original teachings, which will see the return of the Great Law of Peace. If we do not resolve our divisions, the third shaking will resolve the issue for us.

How can the Great Spirit shake the earth? There is a way to a scientific understanding of how this is done, not that science can help us in this. For those whose intuition is developed, consider that consciousness collapses the wave function of the particle. That is all I will say on this. Also, be aware of the vision of Black Elk reproduced here: Those who would see this as a dream, or NDE created by the minds survival mechanisms are far from any knowledge. Black Elk is now Eagle Wing Stretches, and despite his earthly thoughts of being to weak to use the vision, he has triumphed for his nation, the loop of which shall be restored, one way or another. Novus Ordo Seclorum. Should we consider moving down the path of "market capitalisation" with some who claim to be very advanced in Kabbalah? Love each other, love God, do not do what is hurtful to you to others, do not judge; and remember Allah is most merciful oft forgiving.Think of the children, and understand it is an error to give one child an advantage over another. 


7 July 2011

To begin this post, I apologise for using these pages to make known my own opinions, but as mentioned earlier, I had consisted difficulty posting on the blog. Clarifying some recent statements, I should have said a phase of history has ended, not history has ended (wouldn't want people to think I am a neoconservative/liberal); and also that there have been many graet achievments in the arts, however the various forms have become evermore devoid of any meaning in the western world in recent times, tending more towards entertainment and decoration than "art". 

Regarding the strange case of Edward Leo Jacques, clearly involving himself in indigenous affairs on the north coast of NSW, I again make the observation that there had to be collusion amongst political players, as upon reporting the events, I was admitted to the Missenden Clinic at RPA hospital for "treatment". Considering these circumstances, and their relationship to a long standing dispute with Southern Cross Universtiy (Lismore), and events related to the onset of the global financial crisis, including my dismissal from employment with TAFE NSW, I refer to the recommendations made by the first Royal Commisioner into organised crime, Athol Moffit in 'A Quater To Midnight', that the issues be resolved by an independant judicial inquiry holding open public hearings. Having received legal advice that I have a claim under the Trade  Practices Act against the Southern Cross University from the firm of Maurice, Blackburn and Cashman, I request that the University be charged in connection with marketing a fraudulent product, and further that as the moneys concerned were connected with the international investment of funds in the global economy, involving the largest fraud in economic history, the international derivatives market, also connected through the interenational banking system with large scale money laundering, that where evidence of such criminal activity has been gathered the Australian Tax Office should lay the charges, as recommended by former Justice Moffit. Further, citing the Australian High Court decision in the case of Hayden v 'A' , that all contracts impeding the administration of justice concerning the aforementioned be ruled null and void.

Regarding the movement of toxic assets within the international banking system, I take note that my superannuation fund manager, Colonial First State, is known to have received $500 000 000 from the Royal Bank Of Scotland at the onset of the crisis, also that Westpac bank and NBA recieved sums totalling several billion dollars. This information is in the public realm. Makes rather a mockery of print media headlines at the time of "Pennies From Heaven". Only angels, apparently, fall from heaven. One  may also marvel at that archetypical "hollywood politician", our current Prime Minister and self confessed atheist, being featured on the cover of the latsest issue of the Catholic Education magazine!

I hope those who should recieve this information come across this. It seems unwise to report to either the NSW Police, or members of Parliament, as experience has shown me it results in a quick trip to a psychiatric ward, thus I have posted the information here. Gregory Lee Thomas. Mu.  


10 September 2011

10 years since "the day our world changed forever". The saddest thing is, it's still good copy. 


12 September 2011


Sorry, couldn't bring myself to write anything on the day. Conspiracy theories still abound, the Dog says he doesn't care what hit the Pentagon, just who did it, which seems to be the right direction to focus. Intelligence failure is an understatement. Again I refer to richard Perle's satatement: "An attack of this scale could only have been carried out with the backing of a state..." (12 Sept, 2001 TV interview). Clearly there was no state backing from Iraq or Afghanistan. The hijackers, according to the information available were mostly Saudi's. I don't believe any state officialy backed the attacks, rather they were an intelligence operation concieved and facilitated by those who stood to gain a strategic advantage, a little shock and awe for the sleeping masses, create a "casus belli". All the wild speculation is of no value to anyone who really wants to know: What really happened? 

SBS ran a documentary last week on the "definitive story ". Did anyone ask Donald Rumsfield if the Pentagon had managed to locate that missing trillion or so? One would think it could come in handy in these uncertain economic times. Our media conveniently summed up the futility of their position a decade or so when the statement was made, concerning some research showing the standard deviation for the bell-curve for male intelligence was broader than that for the female, leaving a ratio of about 10:1 men to women at the top. Not to worry as "it does not concern the other 99% of us". They can just continue on being CEOs, PR Phd's, FOA newsreaders, at least that way when a little mathematical sleight of hand is conjured up for them, they can just smile and say "Please sir, may I have some more?".

While one is on the topic of mathemagics, yes it's true, we have a rabbi running around town, with the support of a prominent political figure, (not pennies fom heaven Kevin) drumming up "market capitalisation" schemes. Sorry I did not get his name. Apparently he's "very advanced in Cabbalah". This has led him to believe that a spaceship came to earth 500 million years ago, the pilots of which are the ancestors of the spiritual race. Maybe he went to the same school as Edward Leo Jacques? He's into spaceships too. Well, looks like the ships returned. Let's load it up with mathematically incomplete axioms, fraudsters and charlitans of all types, sorcerers of all ilk, with $500 trillion in derivatives debt for fuel and launch them all back to the source. Yes, you've gotta watch out for hidden variables. Oh the humanity!  

On the subject of fraud, apparently a growth industry in this country, programmers at SBS may recall a little series titled "What If?", which ran one episode on my old school buddy, Brad Hampton, about the great injustice done to him while in prison in the US. Bradley, as I was to discover not long after that episode ran, is a staight up con-man, who had his story in a pile of trash mags as well as that TV episode. Given this, one may question the discernment of programmers at SBS. Now boarding at Stargate 13, The Interdimensional Craft I AM that I AM, destination: Work that out for yourself. Mu.


19 September 2011     


I've never considered myself a poet, but perhaps the form is best for some things difficult to express. 


Who is watching?

Who wants to know?           

To peep into dark minds

And claim the right

To stand and say: I am the light?

Do not do to others

What is hurtful to you

This command the Golden Rule

Do they take the wise 

To be a fool?

Sleeping dogs, let them lie

Who would be a mortals spy?

Judge not in ignorance

Without Grace

When know the not the facts in case

Lest some unseen

Twist of fate

Turns on the, the hour late

And one is found, to great despair

That they are judged, the ruling fair.

The Tablets read the same, its true

From either side - the Angels knew

The Law for all, above, below

Did receive a mighty blow,

Shattered all into the dust

Did our God really ask for much?

As you read, ask of this:

Did you protect the pedarist?

Accuse the just man, innocent

Whose protection costs them not a cent?

Unknowing, for most it's true

But who is standing next to you?

Warriors protect what's Holy

Mercenary would feign

Bring darkness glory

A boy you left in bloody hell

Rotting in a third world cell

His mothers given living pleasure

By cruel misfortune - exchanged for treasure

Then you say you are a man

Of Christian values, oh understand

No free will, it cannot be

So the murderer

May plea:

I did not do it, how can it be?

It was your God's work

As you agree!

Little Carmen

Saw her killer

Psychic detectives -

Wrote a thriller.

Who is watching?

One could fill up all the spaces

With so many, many cases.

Where, where did one go wrong?

Uni - verse, it means:

One Song

Silence is the truthful name

Eternal love - the fiery flame

Feminine or masculine, 

So some claim it

But can two be one and still remain it?

These things are not for all my freinds

Be gentle each other

Until this ends.


Line 6 edited on 21 September 2011. Forever learning. This Jewish interpretation is less reactive. To err is human.


20 September 2011


This Dog Poet, Les Visible seems to be in cracking good form. Les's little spot on the web is my favourite place to visit, even if he seems a little reckless at times, I find I must agree with much of what he says, particularly concerning "spiritual" matters. Appearances are just that, and it seems fair to say that it is all under control, and all for a reason. Free will? Well, that depends on the level of perception. (Grin). The feminine directs the activity, the masculine carries it out, and some interesting analogies could be made regarding energy and structure of matter. I like the computer analogy, the feminine more like the software, the masculine more like the hardware, although there's a lot of "fuzzy logic" in the natural world. 

Down under, the introduction of "Great Myth" Straussian Christianity, classic "Platoism for the masses", did cause me to do all I could to root it out, recognising, even before I'd ever heard of Leo, that it was a carcenogenic meme (I hadn't even heard of memes back then) I do thouroughly agree with Leo, however, that we must not embrace those who would "trivialise life and turn it into entertainment". Apparently I upset some when I told them this American (and it's not American, its internationalist, pro Israel - Zionist, although we are told Leo himself was ambivalent towards Zionism in his later years) dream was  "merely wrecked on distant shores". Generally I consider no action the best action, however, when one can see a bully causing pain, and one has some power to curb their activity, I think one should try to nullify the aggresive behaviour. Intellectual bullying can be much more damaging than physical bullying. 

For those "watching", Angra Mainyu and attendent maladies seem to have fled following that last post. I hope that if noyhing else, my efforts here may have persuaded more skeptical minds to be open to what is concealed in religious teachings. Constant evolution of the mind, to the point of connection with the universal mind should be the goal of religious instruction. Operation Stellar Wind seems to have become operation Cosmic Vengeance, which can only be a good thing. Eagle Wing Stretches provides a fine example of cybernetic immortality (immortal within the universal mind), and the universal mind, God, if you like, has shown it exists beyond the human mind, and that we do interact. Eagle Wing Stretches vision contained information on the healing of the nations, specifically that his people had to walk the road of war to know the road of peace, and so bring the healing herb: The Great Law of Peace. Kahentinetha at MNN says that the PTB fear its return. It has returned. This should help our "philosophers" determine: "Who has the right to assert the instrumental aggression?" I'm sure there is something relavent here concerning feet of iron and clay and a special alchemical process which for the planets sake, I hope is soon discovered. We look on, as it is not in our control, The more we do for ourselves, removing oursef from cause and effect as I understand, the less divine intervention is manifested.

Our media continues to amaze. Do people remember the (front page) story about the kind hearted lady just returned from Israel, helping the poor homeless men, and enjoying the company of her "fabulously wealthy" friends? Sunday Tele I think, about two years back. Personally, I'd RATHER NOT BE MADE HOMELESS INTHE FIRST PLACE. Though we must not cling, food clothing and shelter are needs, although Mum and Dad saved me from homelesness, the near result of the fabulous education dished out by the corporate globalists. Then there was Alex somebody or other who found her wallet much fatter after working in the Baghdad green zone, and had bought herself a racehorse. Go girl, go. Unfortunately they missed out on reporting the funeral of a former SAS staff sargeant who suicided about a month ago. Surely just a careless oversight? And the warrior who served many chiefs, Mr. Secord? What a smirker. What about the weirdo U2 front page, with them all standing there looking scary and demonic? Grrrrrrr.... Bono, your an idiot. What a circus. 

We got some great tele back in late 2008, all sorts of interesting things for the observant. Mr Wolfenstein said we needed "hard elbowed ideas from Australia". Australia punches well above it's weight, someone rambled. Here's some hard elbowed ideas:

"(19) The UN General Assembly, the UN Security Council and other appropriate organizations of international law are requested to a) immediately end all activity of the “Middle East Quartet” due to lack of purpose; b) commission and deploy for a limited time an appropriately sized military contingent to protect the Arab population of Palestine from pogroms by the resident Jewish population, to disarm all Zionist military or para-military forces and civilians, to protect the 4/5

Palestinian Arabs from further plunder and genocidal efforts by the Israelis. Such efforts shall be undertaken in consultation with representatives of the Palestinian nation elected properly and by free and popular will.


(20) The UN General Assembly is requested to instruct all its members to assist in winding up the “State of Israel”, repatriating the Jewish immigrants and their descendants to their home countries to be determined by the precept of “ius sanguini”, to cause the discovery and freezing all assets of the “State of Israel” or its representatives or their relatives, the “Palestinian Authority” or its representatives or their relatives, held in their own name or in the name of the “Palestinian Authority”, “State of Israel” or any organization or sub-units of said entities or under any other name, until such assets can be turned over to a legitimately constituted political representation of all the Palestinian people. All such assets are herewith claimed as restitution and reparations for the grave crimes perpetrated against the Palestinian nation during more than 6 decades.

Most Respectfully,

Kawther Salam. (Palestinian Journalist in exile).

Interestingly, only a few days ago, one of our gifted women journo's commented that the clerics promised Palestinians help from God. This could be a great chance for the Holy Father to resurrect himself. Mu.


21 September 2011

Today is Betty Ong day. In memoriam to all who have passed away in violence, I dedicate this moment.


26 September 2011

Ahura Mazda, seed of the seed of reckoning commands: EXEUNT OMNES


27 September 2011

Greetings to the Holy See. I'm sure all must agree that Cardinal Pericle Felice's method of divination is indeed most excellent. So we must ask: Who did remain? Revelations is unequivocal as to who is to be "cast into the lake of fire"; that is the beast, the false prophet and those who would destroy the earth. By now they have shown their hand. To those who were led by that power, be glad of the divine mercy. 

"The lone mind will see it, and he will offer impartiality to both sides", the two sides being science and faith. Nothing advances technology more so than war, which the divine feminine has told us came because of her. She is however, peace. Much has become clearer very quickly, and we may see that what is revealed is revealed only when the correct conditions exist.

All being comes from the warring of opposites. Who sits upon the white horse, bow in hand? It is Arjuna. The wand was raised, the divine forces summoned by Les Visible and his World Declaration Of Lberation From Criminal Israel. "Warriors are against the heart" Les recently declared. Without warriors, the battle cannot be won, and Arjuna is the supreme warrior in service of the Supreme Godhead. who alone knows the secret to "cybernetic immortality". It should be noted that "The Great Law of Peace" could not become manifest until the greatest warrior was appointed as head of the confederacy. In the land where I live, under the indigenous custom, only Pemulwuy could cross the boundaries of nations without receiving permission, or so I was told by a nice young lad named Smokey, whose done way to much gaol time. 

An anecdote may be of some use here. A few years ago, our formerly excellent television station, SBS, ran a movie about a samuri who journeyed to the next major city from Edo, to clean up a corrupted council. He came with a written decree from the Emperor, declaring his authority. He then began secretly passing outside the city walls at night, drinking, gambling and whoring with the criminal element. The young warriors assumed that he also was another corrupt player. There was however, method to his madness. He caught all involved, pardened the criminals, provided they agreed to establish legitimate businesses, then tore up the Emperors decree in front of his dismayed freind, confessing that he had in fact written it himself. Job well done.

This demonstates why it's important not to judge without full knowledge of the facts. Concerning the scriptures, and what is revealed by the Nag Hammadi texts, it is stated that Adam and Eve were higher than the god which created them, that Eros was killed out of envy, that a false story was told regarding Eve coming from Adam's rib, so that man would think himself superior. Further: "They talk of those who speak with uncircumcised lips, but it's the uncircumcised people who are the true people. This should help us understand "feet of iron and clay". This jealous god, who divided us in wrath, has passed away. If one is to understand the natural world as the roots of the tree of life, the garden in which the spirit is nurtured, then to damage the body of man and woman is a sin against man and God, thus our "botched and bungled men", of which one could not find a greater example than our "miracle economy' former PM, Howard.  Zoroaster declared them to be a danger, the effiminate men. In the Torah, Timothy 19, we are also warned to "be wary of that spirit which comes into your house and seduces these women, carried of by every lust, forever learning and never gaining any knowledge of the truth."  Eva Cox, Germaine, Carol Cusack, etc. i'm sure can have this explained in simple terms. One is perplexed at what our scholarshave been doing. 

No-one can outsmart Allah, so as we gaze around at our smart cars, smart phones, smart bombs, smart shopping, smart investing - we must ask who is behind this? Murray Freidman (sic?) provided an clue when he declared it was the Jews who decided the ordinary people could compete intellectualy with the wise. One can hear the echoes of Demosthenes thunder as spoilt children cry "this is inappropriate". I assume they consider it appropriate to willfully target women and children in Gaza?

One may ask how the "educated debate" is progressing? Has Solon, wisest of the seven sages, made an appearance yet? He too showed impartiality to all. The Dharma wheel has rolled around the globe, Azorth and Tetrammaton have spoken to Rome, Arjuna rides in Krishna's chariot and still they cling. Anything but Zen. Oh, those "Russian tergiversation's".

Novus Ordo Seclorum. Having examined the Hamas Charter, I declare that peace is their agenda, and that their words are true and faithful to the spirit of the law, and in the name of Allah, the most merciful, the disputed territories are legitimately under their control, and that the aforementioned demands regarding siezure of all assets of the State of Israel be implemented without undue delay. Cease fire agreements must be negotiated in all areas experiencing conflict and genuine negotiations begun. The work is great and just begun. Babylon no longer a mystery, let humanity understand: it is indeed the divine who plumbs the hearts and minds of men. 


This organization is a registered non-profit entity with the Australian Tax Office. 


1 October 2011


The whole world is a marketplace for Love

For naught that is, from Love remains remote.

The Eternal Wisdom made all things in Love.

On Love they all depend, to Love all turn.

The earth, the heavens, the sun, the moon, the stars

The centre of their orbit find in Love.

By Love are all bewildered, stupified,

Intoxicated by the Wine of Love.


From each, Love demands a mystic silence.

What do all seek so earnestly? 'Tis Love.

Love is the subject of their inmost thoughts,

In Love no longer "Thou" and "I" exist,

For self has passed away in the Beloved.

Now will I draw aside the veil from Love,

And in the temple of mine inmost soul

Behold the Friend, Incomparable Love.

He who would know the secret of both worlds

Will find that the secret of them both is Love.


Farid Ud Din Attar


If you leave a space unfilled by a high priority need, it will be filled by a lower priority need.


2 October 2011

Foreseen, they were perceived approaching the horizon

Now events overtake them, sans time they have no compass

Zeno's royal standard gently ripples

Like a flag on the moon

Action in inaction; inaction in action

And Hal's one eye is blinded

The source-code a perfect circle

Perfect in it's imperfection



The flaming rainbow, the eagle wing, the completed loop

Stretches throughout the three-sphere

Making gold from iron and clay

The little pond expanding, twelve square by many

Grafted to the tree

And the abyss levitates above the body of a lion

Where a tiger hiding in the long grass

Awaits his prey: Iniquity


From the mother passed a sacred string, ex-calibre

One hair for the bow of the white horse rider

Seeing his target, two serpents

One gold headed, one silver

Shoots, the fatal blow hits the centre

Of the six pointed star

A mountain of fire, hidden by fire

Could not trick Pemulwuy in war by deception

For who is watching?


The secret: it takes time to make Australia's finest

And so receive the crown, an occupational illusion

The hangover is ends quickly

As Yahweh passes, and Eros trembles weakly

In the first landscape of liquids, murmers and collisions

Exile ends, yet begins with roles exchanged and new destinations


Who would stand, with one foot on earth and the other in the water

And so be witness to the new Jerusalem?

Allah brings forth the quite fire from the stone

Quenching every flame of war

With the sting of the scorpion

An Ibex falls from the cliff

And vanquished Israel is devoured

By truth and law:

The flaming sword


With love, to the children of Gaza.

Amended the line "The hangover is short" to "The hangover ends quickly" on 14/10/2011. The first three lines of the fourth stanza are taken from recent advertisements displayed around Sydney: "ends quickly" was the actual wording.


7 October 2011


Christ said: People of Israel, you have only one Lord and God. You must love him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

From The Sayings Of The Jewish Fathers:

Be forehand in the salutation of peace to all men, and be rather a tail to lions than a head to foxes.

Be of the disciples of Aaron, loving peace and pursuing peace, loving mankind and drawing them night into the Torah (by your example).

Be of the disciples of Abraham: a good eye, a humble mind, a lowly spirit... an eye that looks upon people with benevolence and kind feelings, free from envy and ill will.

Study all sacred teachings.

Build a fence around the Torah (don't alter the principles of the teaching)

On the self - interest of the ruling power, be on your gaurd.

Pursue moderation in business. Do not boldly push yourself forward, but where there is no-one to fill the position of a teacher or leader, or head of the community, and you have the qualifications, do not shrink from being a man.

In a place where there are no men, strive to be a man.

He who does not join the community in times of danger will never enjoy the divine blessing.

The greatest principle of Judaism is the belief in the common brotherhood of man and of all mankind.

The highest ideal is the comprehension of God.

Let thy freinds honour be as dear to thee as thine own; be not easily excited to anger, and repent one day before thy death.

Love work, hate lordship and seek no intimacy with the ruling power.

If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I care for myself only, what am I? And if not now, when?

All my days I have grown up with the wise, and I have found nothing better for man than silence; not learning but doing is the cheif thing; and he whoso multiplies words causes sin.

Labour for law and divine service... doing of kindness, practical acts... with no thought for reward.

Fear of heaven (ie. awe at the might and greatness of God) is identical to love and service.

Let thy house be open wide; let the poor be members of thy household, and engage not in much gossip with women. Whoso engages will in the end inherit Gehinnom - south of Jerusalem where Moloch was worshipped - where the wicked will be punished.

The Holy One, blessed be he, was pleased to make Israel worthy. A seeing eye, a hearing ear, and all thy deeds written in a book. 

A name made great is a name destroyed; he who does not increase (his knowledge) decreases it; and he who does not study deserves to die; and he who makes worldly use of the crown (Torah) shall waste away. 

The evil eye, evil inclanation and hatred of his fellow creatures put a man out of the world.

He who keeps awake at night, and goes his way alone, while turning his heart to vanity, such a one forfeits his own life.

Let thy house be a meeting place for the wise. Cover thyself with the dust of their feet, and drink in their words with thirst.  

Ye sages, be heedful of your words, lest you incur the penalty of exile, and be exiled to a place of evil waters, and the disciples who come after you drink thereof and die, and the Heavenly name be profaned. 

Warm thyself by the fire of the wise, but be aware of their glowing coals, lest thou be burnt; for their bite is the bite of a fox, and their sting is the scorpions sting, and their hiss is the serpents hiss, and their words are like coals of fire.

Do His will as if it were thy will. Nullify thy will before his will, that He may nullify the will of others before thy will.

The laws concerning the sacrificing of birds (young dreams) and the purification of women are essential ordinances.

Every assembly which is in the name of Heaven will be established.

Astronomy and geometry are the after-courses of wisdom (ei. the mathematical sciences are only to be considered as aids to the study of the essentials of Torah).

Great is the Torah, for if it did not exist, the Heaven and Earth would have no permenance.

Eliezer, son of Hyrcanus is a cemented cistern, which looses not (ie. forgets nothing he learns).

Departure from the Law is equivalent to death. 

Moreover, he once saw a skull floating on the surface of the water. He said to it: "Because thou dids't drown others (draw them away from the Law), they have drowned thee, and at the last they that drowned thee shall themselves be drowned.

Do not appease thy fellow in the hour of his anger, and comfort him not in the hour when his dead lie before him, and question him not of his vow, and rush not to see him in the hour of his disgrace.






Those who have schemed for the establishment of the Zionist state have dragged humanity to the vanishing point of the abyss.

Revelations 19:20 (King James Bible): And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

21: And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh.

22: The fearful, the unbelieving, abonimable, murderers, whoremongers, sorcerers, and idolators, all liars shall have their part in the lake of fire and brimstone: the second death.

That old serpent called the Devil and Satan who deceived all the world: Yahweh

The false prophet? Has Jesus Christ spoken? "Channeled" by an anonimous woman calling herself Dorathy? Outrageous. Second chance planet? Ask ABC.

As the seers of the Keepers of the Eastern Door of Great Turtle Island stated: each stands alone in this moment. If you brought forth what is in you, it has saved you, if not, then submission to Divine Mercy will purify you. As Hamas foretold, events have overtaken the Zionists, and the oppressors are left to grasp a rope from God, or a rope from man. Allah has devoured Yahweh, victorious. The Shamir, that miraculous worm which splits stones with a look awaits those who remain rebellious, and so peace comes to earth. Novus Ordo Seclorum. No "new world order", no state of Israel and no one world government.

Or is the answer: Sport?

Before the world and before God Israel: submit.


And I did see a skull floating on the suface of the water, should anyone be curious, I will show it to them. To "walk on water" meant to the Egyptians to be in tune with the natural (divine) law. When Augustus said to Rome: "Do not extend the empire beyond the boundaries which I have set for you", it was not for purely economic reasons. The things that I have done, I did for the poor, the helpless, the oppressed; and to be truthful, it was no big thing. History is full of heroism, and there are millions of everyday heroes in the world today; fortunately I did have guidance. Truth = law = divine will = Justice. Islam can explain the Universal Law Of Divine Retribution to anyone still perplexed:


(14:22) And when Our judgment has been passed, Satan will say, "The fact is that the promises Allah had made with you were all true. I, too, made some promises with you but I failed to keep any of them. *1 Yet I had no power over you; I did nothing but to invite you to my way and you accepted my invitation. *2 So do not now blame me, but blame yourselves. I cannot help you here, nor can you help me. I dissociate myself from your making me a partner with God before this. *3 Such wrong-doers are sure to receive a grievous torment. "

*1 When the criminals will charge Satan with leading them astray, he will plead guilty, as if to say, "You yourselves see now that all the promises and warnings made by AIIah have come out true and all the promises which I made have proved to be false. I also confess that it was all deception that I gave you false assurances of prosperity, beguiled you by greed and enticed you in the snare of great expectations. I assured you that in the first instance there will be no life in the Hereafter, and that, if there be any you will go spot-free by the intercession of such and such a saint. The only thing you have to do is to make offerings before him: then you may do whatever you please, for he will deliver you from all the consequences. I repeat that I said all these things and asked my agents to say the same. "


On the book of life, I have somethings to discuss with appropriate athorities. Never underestimate the power of Zen; or for that matter, the shakey leg dance they do up the top end here: Deadly.    




Ye sages, be heedful of your words, lest you incur the penalty of exile, and be exiled to a place of evil waters, and the disciples who come after you drink thereof and die, and the Heavenly name be profaned... (Sayings of the Jewish Fathers)


Then the god of the powers will be disturbed, saying, "What is the power of this man who is higher than we?" Then he will arouse a great wrath against that man. And the glory will withdraw and dwell in holy houses which it has chosen for itself. And the powers will not see it with their eyes, nor will they see the illuminator either. Then they will punish the flesh of the man upon whom the holy spirit came (Christ).


Then the angels and all the generations of the powers will use the name in error, asking, "Where did it (the error) come from?" or "Where did the words of deception, which all the powers have failed to discover, come from?" (Apocalypse of Adam)


Moreover, he once saw a skull floating on the surface of the water. He said to it: "Because thou dids't drowned others (draw them away from the Law), they have drowned thee, and at the last they that drowned thee shall themselves be drowned. (The sayings of the Jewish fathers)


One must take great care. Access to all this information has led to a quikening of ones understanding, and so I must correct my own errors, lest I be drowned. The division (of the masculine and feminine) by Yahweh was neccesary for learning and demonstration, however the Gnostic texts do state that the deception was deliberate, in claiming Eve came from a rib of Adam, so that the male would think himself superior to the female. Revelations refers to the events occuring 2000 years ago, the mission of Christ not being completed at that time. Our sexuality is sacred. The deceiver of mankind?:

(14:22) And when Our judgment has been passed, Satan will say, "The fact is that the promises Allah had made with you were all true. I, too, made some promises with you but I failed to keep any of them. *1 Yet I had no power over you; I did nothing but to invite you to my way and you accepted my invitation. *2 So do not now blame me, but blame yourselves. I cannot help you here, nor can you help me. I dissociate myself from your making me a partner with God before this. *3 Such wrong-doers are sure to receive a grievous torment. "

*1 When the criminals will charge Satan with leading them astray, he will plead guilty, as if to say, "You yourselves see now that all the promises and warnings made by AIIah have come out true and all the promises which I made have proved to be false. I also confess that it was all deception that I gave you false assurances of prosperity, beguiled you by greed and enticed you in the snare of great expectations. I assured you that in the first instance there will be no life in the Hereafter, and that, if there be any you will go spot-free by the intercession of such and such a saint. The only thing you have to do is to make offerings before him: then you may do whatever you please, for he will deliver you from all the consequences. I repeat that I said all these things and asked my agents to say the same. "


On the Day of Judgement, Allah T'ala, the Almighty God, will gather together all prophets, including Prophet Jesus (peace be on him). The following verses of the Holy Quran tell us what Allah T'ala will say to Jesus and his response.


وَإِذْ قَالَ اللّهُ يَا عِيسَى ابْنَ مَرْيَمَ أَأَنتَ قُلتَ لِلنَّاسِ اتَّخِذُونِي وَأُمِّيَ إِلَـهَيْنِ مِن دُونِ اللّهِ قَالَ سُبْحَانَكَ مَا يَكُونُ لِي أَنْ أَقُولَ مَا لَيْسَ لِي بِحَقٍّ إِن كُنتُ قُلْتُهُ فَقَدْ عَلِمْتَهُ تَعْلَمُ مَا فِي نَفْسِي و َلاَ أَعْلَمُ مَا فِي نَفْسِكَ إِنَّكَ أَنتَ عَلاَّمُ الْغُيُوبِمَا قُلْتُ لَهُمْ إِلاَّ مَا أَمَرْتَنِي بِهِ أَنِ اعْبُدُواْ اللّهَ رَبِّي وَرَبَّكُمْ وَكُنتُ عَلَيْهِمْ شَهِيدًا مَّا دُمْتُ فِيهِمْ فَلَمَّا تَوَفَّيْتَنِي كُنتَ أَنتَ الرَّقِيبَ عَلَيْهِمْ وَأَنتَ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ شَهِيدٌإِن تُعَذِّبْهُمْ فَإِنَّهُمْ عِبَادُكَ وَإِن تَغْفِرْ لَهُمْ فَإِنَّكَ أَنتَ الْعَزِيزُ الْحَكِيمُقَالَ اللّهُ هَذَا يَوْمُ يَنفَعُ الصَّادِقِينَ صِدْقُهُمْ لَهُمْ جَنَّاتٌ تَجْرِي مِن تَحْتِهَا الأَنْهَارُ خَالِدِينَ فِيهَا أَبَدًا رَّضِيَ اللّهُ عَنْهُمْ وَرَضُواْ عَنْهُ ذَلِكَ الْفَوْزُ الْعَظِيمُلِلّهِ مُلْكُ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالأَرْضِ وَمَا فِيهِنَّ وَهُوَ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيرٌ


5.116. And behold! Allah will say: "O Jesus the son of Mary! Did you say unto men, worship me and my mother as gods in derogation of Allah.?" He will say: "Glory to Thee! never could I say what I had no right (to say). Had I said such a thing, You would indeed have known it. You know what is in my heart, You I know not what is in Thine. For You know in full all that is hidden.

5.117. "Never said I to them aught except what Thou didst command me to say, to wit, 'worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord'; and I was a witness over them whilst I dwelt amongst them; when Thou didst take me up Thou was the Watcher over them, and Thou art a witness to all things.

5.118. "If Thou dost punish them, they are Thy servant: If Thou dost forgive them, Thou art the Exalted in power, the Wise."

5.119. Allah will say: "This is a day on which the truthful will profit from their truth: theirs are gardens, with rivers flowing beneath,- their eternal Home: Allah well-pleased with them, and they with Allah. That is the great salvation, (the fulfilment of all desires).

5.120. To Allah doth belong the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and all that is therein, and it is He Who hath power over all things.



I saw two strands of pearls, entwined as a double helix, incomplete. Now I understood the rosary: the completed loop. This question was asked of me: "When is genetics our destiny?", yet they who asked would not answer. 

And so, their are many things to be understood yet by little children; nonetheless, to the state of Israel and its supporters:

Before the world and Allah: Submit



"And so castles made of sand, slip into the sea, eventually." Jimi Hendrix.


12 November 2011


That old serpent, the deceiver of mankind - always dressing himself up as an angel of light.

Allah: A watcher over humanity, all our acts, good and bad, written in a clear book...

For those of us who have come late to the study of scripture, we find the "deep things of satan" are deep indeed. If we concede the existence of the supramental realm, then the "myths" of our ancestors take on a whole new relevance. It would be most helpful if our theologians could provide some clear answers. This "skull floating on the waters" has the significance of representing teachers or prophets who led others away from the true teaching, ie. "drowned them"; those that drowned you (the skull) must also be drowned, means that those who followed did not succeed in restoring the teaching by "drowning" the original error, and must be "drowned" also. It would seem the answers are there to be found, if one studies all the sacred teachings. Perfect in it's imperfection? What appears imperfect to us is not, it is just that we do not comprehend the events in totallity, the purpose of which, we are told is: "To cause those that love me to attain substance". 


15 September 2011



Most noble sister

Subtle harmony, richly woven texture

Flax of the flaming rainbow colours

Eternal braid of pure desire

Never failing in overcoming; experienced

Ecstacy born of joy and sorrow

The centre is your axis

Never fleeing the limit, zephyr borne

Your silent sirens song satisfies

Untying minds knot


The malicious inquirer stumbles

Paying your ransom for his rudeness

The ill-mannered syllable, you annul its dissonance

The amorous suitor, dashed upon the rock

Madness overcomes him

Knowing your rebuke

Yet he will return

When he can grasp you like a nettle


Amythest of immeasurable depth

You break every sorcerer's spell

Every magi's wand, your sceptre snaps

Forever yeilding, you cannot yeild

At the resonance of your lyre

Metallic lustre of gold and silver

Flows like mercury, filling the valleys

And when five-hundred hands approach

Mindful of the blood flowing between their toes

You, fair one, exclaim: KAIROS!


Your seeing reflects suns blinding rays

As light of the full moon upon a tranquil ocean

Your hearing makes raging torrents in subterranean caves

As gentle steady rain

Your taste makes all bitter-sweet

Your olfactory sense, fumes of the funeral pyre

The nadir of honeyed incense

Your touch, the sharp blade a mothers gentle caress


Your captors, those miscreants!

Your lovers know their sideways glance

Deep in the labyrinth they buried your crypt

Descending from the zenith

Began to speculate upon your whereabouts!

With this act, they shook the foundations

In war, two-winged warrior, you are invincible

Time gnawed relentlessly

Your binding chains

Dissolved by providence


Lydia, indigo/violet reflection

Of mind of mind, in mind

Shimmering perfect star

Locus of every point

Diffracting through your centre

To the perimeter, limit of limits

Horizon of Heaven and Earth

Tranquil lacuna, muti-faceted aspect

Ever-glowing embers of the quiet fire

Your aureole of power, divine algorithm

Zero-knowledge proof of the unconquorable





26 December 2011


Seasons greetings to anyone who happens to come by this way. 

So, one has had to acknowledge the reality of the supramental, based upon my own experience and the reports given by others of direct contact with the divine essence. Meanwhile, the "instrumental aggression" continues to be exercised outside of any genuine legal framework; and so it goes.

I would guess that all seeing eyes are focused on a white minaret, and even though he "has no feet or hands", the crafty one continues on his way. Every tree and rock cries out... though the gum tree in the front yard isn't talking to me in english, or stones singing Lullaby Of Birdland as I walk by. But surely, this is not a difficult analogy? Ironically, only a year or so ago I had a steamroom conversation at Sutho pool with a migrant from Syria, who told me the thing he noticed most about the differences between his old home (which he loved) and here, was that in Syria, he felt really safe: "In Syria I can sleep anywhere, on the street, in a park. Here, I would never do that."

Should it be necessary to point out that in the battlefield conversation described in the Gita, Arjuna is instructed to fight because the greed of the opposite side has made the conflict unavoidable? Yet is it not always preferable to lift the conflict to the ideological arena whenever possible? That is the stance taken by Islam.  

And this "being" we call Satan, it would appear, is the ego-self. The enemy is within, and without, as is the freind, if we accept the reality of the supramental, so it would seem that if all could abolish the negative aspect - granted difficult enough for one - this action, which seems to correlate with the North American Indian concept of "the great  purification", would remove the existence of the negative spirit from the unified consciousness that would manifest on earth as a result of this? This would seem to be the object of all true scripture, and it would seem we are entering the stage where this will occur. Look, he comes on clouds... a stellar wind, perhaps?

Growing up here (Australia), one did not recieve religious instruction, (although that was my choice)which left one with no prejudice regarding the teachings, apart from no knowledge.

Meanwhile, Mr. Netenyahu has commented that Israel should "raise the sword of David" against Iran 

which would bring the conflict within the realm of religious debate. And how did David defeat Goliath? And who is David and who Goliath now?

A couple of interesting sites I came across:

an excellent site for those interested in the roots of the Abrahamic faiths culminating in Allah, the one God, superceding Yahweh/Elohim, and

the true illuminati religion, according to it's authors. Totally oppposed to the Abrahamic faiths. I found the section on "The Last Man", and some others quite well presented. "The last man" is the antitheses of the Nietzschean uberman, a purely obedient herd creature devoid of will, a non man. By definition, as he responds only to his basest material desire, his own self interest, completely and totally a servant of Satan.   

The Nag Hammadi texts are an excellent resource for researchers. The Apocryphon of John makes some interesting statements on Yahweh/Elohim, Cain/Abel (different names for the same entities) amongst many other things. The Secret Sermon On The Mount provides even greater insight into the teachings of the Egyptians. No magicians to be found there. And must it not be true that those who took refuge in Allah need not fear the night, or arrows which fly by day? Remaining issues revolve around the tree of life/tree of knowledge of good and evil debate and the trinity, though it would seem the holy ghost is none other than the divine feminine. I will always be grateful to Mumon.    


13 April 2012

I mentioned in a previous post that at some point I would get to the discussion on pedarists. I found it a little odd that Les Visible did not continue promoting his "World Declaration of Independence From Criminal Israel", despite the fact it was given a mention here, and that he has clearly read some of what has been published here. I believe Mr. Visible is genuine in his promotion of belief in the ineffable, yet something doesn't quite add up.

A very interesting post was made by Nobody here


dated Saturday, March 17 2012, where it was suggested that perhaps Les himself was a victim of some sort of MK Ultra mind control, and Mr Nobody asked why there had been no comment by Visible on the pedocracy. Nobody raised some points regarding Visible's abusive childhood, his fathers military background, use of LSD. It is true that such a combination does leave one open to developing a dissasociated consciousness, and that religious instruction is a prime method of delivering suggestive thought to the subject. Particularly interesting was Les's defence of charlitan and accused pedarist, Sai Baba.

This got me thinking about some comments made at Smoking Mirrors, particularly that "the cosmos has reasons reasons for keeping two people apart" ; "everyone wants the cute librarian with the glasses"; "The cosmos brought the apocalypse, you had nothing to do with it". Now where had I heard all this before? Back at good ol' Southern Cross University. Interestingly, for those wh are watching, the "cosmos" chose a pedarist (let's call him Mr. B for now), to keep two people apart! All for the purpose of demonstration, according to Vis. Les claims there'll be no turning defilements into wisdom... and that there is no judgement occuring on his part. Yet, as a man judges, so he is judged. Act in haste, repent at your leisure, Les. 

Visible also claimed sometime back that he wouldn't go dragging an astrologer into things, and now links to astrologer Robert Pheonix. He claims to have completed the great work, yet stated that when he arrived there was nothing there. Mumon will tell you "it is not nothingness, the opposite of existence" As for his heartbreaking (they, ie. hearts, work better that way) I would say the cute librarian with the glasses had desires of her own, but I would never consider it my place to break someones heart. I think Mr Nobody is quite astute, and somethings amiss.


26 May 2012

No direct response from Mr. Visible, one just wonders if some of his guides have been other than what they present, playing the God game in rama lama ding dong land?


29 June 2012

While I have enjoyed some of Les Visibles rants against the "zio-ogres', one must ask oneself if his motivations are completely genuine. He seems to be more concerned with getting on Rense radio than supporting the Palestinian cause. He recently declared that he was no great admirer of Rumi. I think I'll leave he of the "inch allen" tatoo and self declared boddhisatva to try and stich two barley seeds together. "Though it (any falsehood) be the weight of a mustard seed, Allah will bring it forth." In Dorothy (of the Has Jesus Christ Spoken document) we trust doesn't really do it for me.

Concerning the teachings of Islam, there is a most excellent series of video lectures on U-tube by Islamic scholar Imran Hosein, whose interpretations I must say I largely agree with; and as Mr. Hosein says, they are his opinions, and Allah knows best. See have made the claim that Leibniz was a member of their order, which is totally opposed to the Abrahmic faiths. Greg Chaiten in MetaMaths stated that Leibniz was the head of the Rosecrucian order in Europe and saw the positive in all religions, which is a statement rather at odds with's claim. With this in mind, and particularly since we have Germaine Greer exhorting people to read the Qur'an, I thought it would be worthwile noting Rumi's sentiment that there is a place beyond Islam and disbelief. With this in mind, one should examine the passage from Ferdowsi's Shahnemah, where Mehran answers Keyd regarding a dream:


"Then the finely-woven linen you saw which was being pulled by four men of sharp whits,

yet without the fabric's being torn or the men pulling being overcome by weariness - you

must understand, with regard to that, that the linen is the religion of God and the four who

pulled are its adherents. One part is the faith off the fire-worshipping elder who without

(ritual) silence will not take the sacred barsam in his hand. A second part is the religion of

Moses whom you call the Jew and who forbids you to worship any God but his. Third is

the religion of the Greek, the Christian, who brought justice into the king's heart. Fourth

is the pure religion yet to be brought by the Arab, which lifts the heads of percipient men

out of the dust. Afterwards shall come one famous name out of the desert, where men

ride bearing lances (ie. Arabia). He is of pure and noble spirit, through whom the

religion of God shall spread to all four points. Yet the adherents from four corners pull

against each other and become enemies in the cause of religion. After that, there is the

thirsty man who turned and ran from the sweet water when the fish drew it for him. The

time will come when the pure-spirited man will suffer humiliation after he has drunk the

water of knowledge. Like the fish he will sink into the ocean depths while the head of the

evil-doer will be elevated to the Pleiades. He will invite all who thirst to enter the water, but

none will partake of his wisdom; while fleeing from him whose aim is understanding, they

will universally open their lips for evil"


Another pertinent video one recently viewed was this here:

where the Rabbi (Israeli) discusses his view that the religions (Judaism and Islam) have a common root. I think it must be conceded that Zoroaster was the first to bring many of the now accepted tenants of  the Abrahamic faiths, and it is clear the Egyptians were familiar with the Book of Zoroaster. The Torah states: "Get down from here, you people with emnity amongst you". You won't be getting back up until this emnity ceases.

On our stones and trees that sing out "Oh Muslim, look there is a jew hiding behind me, come and kill him"; it should be understood stones are foundations, trees what grows from them (memes), and so we see that Marxism, speculative finance, psycoanalysis, for example demonstrate this is indeed so. The minds behind these memes have already passed from this world. Hopefully this will help people understand what is meant by the "second death". Mu.


9 July 2012

One thought one should add the most hideous of "man"-made inventions to the above list: feminism, along with another obsevation on the signs of the last day - "they will be forced to dislay themselves". The arena for this spectacle should be obvious to any with eyes to see.

Another thought for students of eschatology - Revelations 12 tells us the woman forced to flee to the wilderness will find shelter there for 1260 days. If we subtract 1260 from 2012, we arrive at 752, the year in which the first Caliphite was established. The complete moon cycle is 19 years, and according to some this number (19) has special significance in the Qur'an... which would seem to indicate that the authors of the Qur'an were fully conversant with the events prophecised in the Christian bible... If your doing it tough in Gaza right now, please remember:

Walk on, walk on, with hope in your hearts, and you'll never walk alone.


Hope to see you one day in Mem Phi(s).  


21 September 2012

Betty Ong day. I always remember Betty. 


One must make an alteration to a previous statement, ie. that the two sides to which the lone mind will offer impartiality are science and religion. While one is impartial to both, it was not the two sides that Nostradamus had in mind. 

Some very interesting perspectives being offered by Sheikh Imran Hosein on U-tube. Certainly, many of the "signs of the last day" seem to have manifested in recent years, and the return to the Holy Land by a particular group is prominent amongst them. If one studies the scriptures, the reading I have come to understand is that the Jews are forbidden from returning until the coming of the messiah. Neturei Karta make this point from the Torah perspective, see here:

If the basis for founding the state of Israel is not scriptural, then there is no ideological foundation upon which Zionism rests. There are of course, as the Qur'an makes clear, those who openly profess religious sentiment while privately mocking the same. Murray Freidman's comment in Jewish Intellectuals And The Making Of Public Policy, that it was the Jews who intoduced the notion to ancient Greece that everyone could compete in the intellectual arena, seems to indicate some have been at it for a rather long time. Surely these are not the same people who said "Better to be a student to good teachers, than a teacher to poor students"? A political trojan horse if ever there was one, and one can see the same poison infecting the U.S.A and my own homeland, Australia today. (I concede I know little of other countries education policy).

Where else might we spot these treacherous fellows? A picture is worth a thousand words, so it is said, so it may be worthwhile for those who have some understanding to examine the Arnolfini Portrait, and ask: who, really is this marraige between? One may also wish to consider the question "Does a dog have Buddha nature?" while they examine this intriguing work. To my contemporaries who consider Mumon's "burning hot iron ball one may neither swallow nor spit out" a big joke: "Come, drink it!" They might also like to heed Ms. Greers advice and read the Qur'an, paying particular attention to surah 103. Woof!


18 November 2012

Well, what can one say about Israels latest round of aggression, operation "Pillar of Cloud"? Even our mainstream media considers it may be a tactical error to continue using such excessive force. My advice to Hamas would be to do as the Qur'an suggests, and fight using the book. Why give excuses to the opposition, when little can be achieved through further armed struggle? The angel with the flaming sword has stretched his hand over Jerusalem. That will be the weapon which kills dajjal. 

While on the subject of dajjal, perhaps we should look back to earlier times, and party with the House of Burgundy. They really new how to put on a show, according to art historian Carola Hicks, author of "The Girl In A Green Dress", a book on the history of the Arnolfini portrait. All the (as far as they knew) secrets of antiquity on display, along with mechanical marvels and shows of mathematical prowess, and to finish the evenings entertainment, excalibre pulled from a stone by the Duke, yes only he could do it! I dare say he got quite a surprise when he eventually came face to face with the Lady Of The Lake! The creation of double entry accounting, to evade laws on usury when handling international monetary transactions, sort of completes the pattern of behaviour. That mammon seems to be piled pretty high - like a vault over them.

On the home front, there's been a lot of talk about pedarists, following on after all the allegations surrounding Jimmy Savile in the UK. Even talk of trotting out the grand institution for political whitewash, a Royal Commission. Hope they don't forget to quiz former PM Howard over his protection of a "Christian" schoolteacher, wanted for extradition to Cambodia for child sex offences. His refusal to co-operate, as far as my understanding goes, resulting in Gordon Voung languishing away in a single cell Cambodian prison when he could have been on his way home. This type of reasoning (bald hypocracy), apparently is considered a sign of sound "mental health". Mu.


20 December 2012

To skeptics: Believe as the people have believed, believe before dawn.


21 December 2012

Recalling the original Greek meaning of syncretism - to unite against a third party - and defining Satan as the negative aspects of mind - that which leads to confusion and disorder, the good being that which leads to greater harmony and integration, then religions pupose is, I think most would agree, to eventually destroy the great deceiver of mankind. This cannot be achieved while there is schism. 

I must thank Imran Hosein for his most informative lectures on U-tube. He is, in my opinion, and yes Allah knows best, correct in much of his analysis, particularly with regard to Gog and Magog. The Gog and Magog of Ezekiel, it does seem, is the same Gog and Magog spoken of in Islam. Imran has explained in his analysis of the Hadith the events surrounding the release of Gog and Magog in the time of the prophet Muhhammad (P.B.U.H). 

Understanding that the number 19 is representative of the feminine principal , we turn to the Qur'an and find that surah 19 is indeed titled Mary. Also the Qur'an is constructed of a total of 114 surah, 114 being itself the product of 6 x 19, indicating to me that there are several layers of meaning here, and also acting as a guard against addition or removal of verses. The next surah to examine in relation to events related to the breaking of the barrier built against Gog and Magog, contemporaneous with the release of dajjal, is surah 24 - Light. 

In Madinah, the prophet is examined by the Rabbi's, and we are told, has to people brought befpre him accused of adultery. He is asked , as was Christ, to determine the punishment. It must be remembered, Muhhammad is an unlettered man, and is dependant on those around him in scholarly matters. He asks, what is the punishment according to Torah? The Rabbi's read the relevant passages, but skip over that requiring stoning to death. His Rabbinic advisor then asks them to read out what he knows is written, and Muhhamad believing the law of the prophets to be correct, orders the two people stoned to death. They tricked him. What right did they who had already been rejected by Christ, have to sit in judgement on this matter? None, for what He closes no man opens, and what He opens no man closes. The punishment is then reduced to public flogging, but the damage is done. And so we have explained to us the prophets dream, were he awakes red faced, and exclaims "Woe unto the Arabs, for a great evil that is to come upon them", (justice is still on the side of the founders of Islam, who have risen against oppression, and who know they hold crucial information regarding the crucifixion - "He did not die, but it was made to appear to them so", as well as the arguments against the diefication of Christ and Mary, for truly the whole earth and the heavens almost quake at what they have done). Does anyone else smell swine? Indeed, far to kind a word. Love thy enemies, it is true, but not the true servants of Satan. 

So these events surround the release of dajjal and the breaking of the barrier of Gog and Magog. Stones represent the foundations of faith, trees those memes that grow from them. Know can people understand why it is said "Oh Muslim, look there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him". A knowing smile should do the job. Dajjal, Sheikh Hosein believes, is also behind the schism between the Shia and Sunni. Imam Mahdi will resolve that division.

If one now goes to the bible, Zechariah, further insight is gained. Zechariah, father of John, adoptive father of Mary, mother of Jesus, later murdered, was given a sign when Allah blessed him and his wife became pregnant, that was he would remain silent for three days. Have you never read, out of the mouths of babes you have perfected praise? Zechariah took his staff beauty and broke the covenant he had with all the peoples, and took his staff  "bonds" and broke the brotherhood between Judah and Israel. Judah later betrayed Christ to save the nation (Caiphis - the expedient death of one man saves the nation, remember the 30 pieces of silver have a significance here). Here are the two witnesses - one for Judah, one for Israel. They have risen from the dead. It now should be clear why the Qur'an states "Do not take for your freinds and allies those Jews and Christians that are freinds and allies of each other". Remember that the prophet Muhhamad explained that dajjal is one eyed:

“Woe to the worthless shepherd,

Who leaves the flock!

A sword shall be against his arm

And against his right eye;

His arm shall completely wither,

 And his right eye shall be totally blinded.” 

- Zechariah 11: 17

This leads us to the return of Christ, who will perform certain functions at this time. He will:

Restore the feminine principal.

Come wearing his saffron robes. ie He will know the teachings of the Hindus and Buddha.

Remove the cross.

Pluck out the error by the root.

Descend with his hands on the heads of two angels (one at Mecca, one at Medinah)

Raise the dead

Level the mountains

Kill the swine

Kill you with a child

Give evidence against the Jews on Judgement Day (Torah true Jews are at this time a wonder to behold before God, their witness gives them protection)

Seize the Kairos

So it seemed a good time for the world to come to an end, and truth to triumph over falsehood, as the stars line up for the end of the Mayan long count calender. 

Islam was to be the completed religion, but the virgin birth had yet to be understood. There are some details to be completed regarding the above criteria. I'll do the best I can. Three days to raise up the temple. December 24 is my birthday , so it seems to fit neatly into the workings of the heavens. To good an opportunity to miss. December 25 is not Christ's birthday but it seems a good day to get our calendars back into alignment. 12 months of 28 days plus one of 29 and the standard leap year seems to fit neatly. 

Also, it might be now understood why the alliance with Rum. A tip for the Black Flags of Khorasan - wear the chi rho monogram an your chests and Constantinople I'm sure will welcome you. One third of the army will desert (I'd say thats already happened)

Dajjal is yet to enter his "day like day", but it would seem close.


24 December 2012

Three days of silence, the temple raised in three days. Have ye not read in the scriptures, "Out of the mouths of babes and nursing infants ye have perfected praise"?

The last battle will be won with the words: God is Great. The army of the Black Flags have that as their weapon - Truth. How else could they defeat the technological and military might of the state of Israel?


One more criteria for the return of Christ: He will come from across the wall, ie. colonization.

On the above-mentioned criteria. He will:

1. Come wearing saffron robes. Without understanding the Buddha, and clearing ones mind of all, knowing what is no thing, you are trapped in endless speculation. The Buddha also advised "Believe nothing, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own common sense". Thus the virgin birth and bodily resurrection find need of other explanation in our post scientific revolution world. From the Hindu's, the supreme Godhead satates: In times of irreligion, I myself descend in bodily form. 

2. Restore the feminine principle (Islam already has that status, in that Adam and Eve both fell into temptation, the blame for the fall not being apportioned to the feminine). Yahweh had a consort, and without adjoining the two, the Godhead cannot be complete. The Thunder, The Perfect Mind is a perfect representation of the female diety as the I Am, Yahweh the masculine represention.

3. Remove the Cross. To deify Christ was to make an idol of the man on the cross, and Allah, will forgive them, as what is crucial in these matters is intent, not action.

4. Descend with his hands onthe heads of two angels, over Mecca and Medinah, he comes on clouds, from the mind. Angels obey the commands of Allah.

5. Pluck out the error from the root. The deification of Jesus was an error, however that star wormwood, the bitter root, led to the need to claim virgin birth - hereditary lineage of prophets, in my opinion. Allah knows best. Further, there is the matter of circumcision being related to the removal of the male foreskin (also female circumcision), when the word meant "To go around". Where was the first house of worship - where you still "go around" to this day!

6. Raising the dead. Those who overcame, cannot be touched by the second death, that is those who did not love their life 'till the end. Revelations states that is the first resurrection. The Qur'an explains in Sura 2. (From the Online Quran Project):

67. And remember Moses said to his people: "God commands that ye sacrifice a heifer." They said: "Makest thou a laughing-stock of us?" He said: "God save me from being an ignorant (fool)!"

68. They said: "Beseech on our behalf Thy Lord to make plain to us what (heifer) it is!" He said; "He says: The heifer should be neither too old nor too young, but of middling age. Now do what ye are commanded!"

69. They said: "Beseech on our behalf Thy Lord to make plain to us Her colour." He said: "He says: A fawncoloured heifer, pure and rich in tone, the admiration of beholders!"

70. They said: "Beseech on our behalf Thy Lord to make plain to us what she is: To us are all heifers alike: We wish indeed for guidance, if God wills."

71. He said: "He says: A heifer not trained to till the soil or water the fields; sound and without blemish." They said: "Now hast thou brought the truth." Then they offered her in sacrifice, but not with good-will.

72. Remember ye slew a man and fell into a dispute among yourselves as to the crime: But God was to bring forth what ye did hide.

73. So We said: "Strike the (body) with a piece of the (heifer)." Thus God bringeth the dead to life and showeth you His Signs: Perchance ye may understand.

This is how the graves are opened, for when you stand at the beginning (alpha) and the end (omega), that is before God, the dead speak. The perpetrator of the crime is called to account. Those who are responsible are forced to then face judgement. The one who committed the crime may not be the one to receive punishment. He who causes another to sin is WORSE than a murderer. Recall that Moses feared the charge against him, but was found to be righteous. Not guilty. It is the moment in which you stand in judgement before God. God will bring to light who is responsible. It is the place without time - eternity. The bright midday sun is always pleasing to the people, but it is far from God. It is illusion. When you are near you are far, when you are far you are near. It is illusion. Thus the Zen masters say "On the brink of life and death". That moment, an eternal moment, is equivalent to real death of the body. The capstone is justice.

Matthew 42 "Jesus said to them, “Have you never read in the Scriptures:


‘The stone which the builders rejected

Has become the chief cornerstone.

This was the Lord’s doing,

And it is marvelous in our eyes’?


 43 “Therefore I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to a nation bearing the fruits of it. 44 And whoever falls on this stone will be broken; but on whomever it falls, it will grind him to powder.” Do you not have eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to understand? I will make it crystal clear to you.

7. Level the mountains. None on earth is more worthy of life than another. All are equal before God and only sperated by the degree with which they do good works, above all deliver justice. How many stand before you who have given their lives? They are legion or are you completely blind?

8. Kill the swine. Those Jews who tricked Muhammad, who also rejected Christ. The stone throwers. Where is their place? In death they taste the punishment for what they used to do. And wretched is the  destination. Blind guides and evil, there is no forgiveness in them. As a man judges, so he is judged. Here Gog and Magog were released, the barrier broken, dajjal released and the stage set for the day of judgement. And to this day there are those who wish to gain advantage over their fellows by witholding knowledge and denying equal opportunity for education. From Woollongong to Dubai, they are "Connecting Great Minds". (Latest slogan for Woollongong University). Dream marketing lies. Thieves and destroyers of Truth. You are for the hellfire. Stonewallers, teachers of the Straussian (Leo Strauss) "Great Myth". There are no Platonic solids in the land of the flaming rainbow. Did I hear someone say "It's all Greek to me"?! God has "Full Spectrum Dominance" . Dajjal comes with a river and a fire. You pull fire from the heavens with your munitions, drones and hi-tech weaponry, but never would you live up to that highest Roman virtue, to face death with courage. So face death with fear. Hiding behind religion. Cowards.

9. Kill you with a child. How many children of Palestine, how much blood is on your hands in the name of   "freedom and democracy"? The moment is eternal, it will not retreat. Go between Heaven and Earth. You cannot enter the kingdom, but the waters are rising. Mental illness you say. Scream it out loud, scream it for eternity, mental illness! Mental illness! Yes it is mental illness. "Lo, they are going to know". No, you cannot stand, other than the manner in which one who is going insane tries to stand.

10. Give evidence against them on the Day of Judgement. I have the evidence, but for now let us just say "Pennies from heaven" will turn into millstones upon your heads, and "Don't bite the hand that feeds" belongs on a spaceship that came to earth 500,000 years ago. 

THEY WILL: Send forth the long arm of the law to arrest him, and fail to do so. This occurred at the start of the GFC.

On money lending, doesn't Shylock deserve his pound of flesh if you don't pay? There is no point trying to cover the $600 trillion in derivatives debt. It is completely worthless, an utter fraud and must be written off completely. Ross Gittons might remember his comment on SBS at the start of the GFC: "Housing prices could collapse, and that scares the hell out of all of us". Not all of us Ross, however hell is a very scary place. Tell it to the naked barefoot shepards. Those that are caught in dajjals fire (that so many thought was a river), will have their load of sins increased:

Qur'an (14:22) And when Our judgment has been passed, Satan will say, "The fact is that the promises Allah had made with you were all true. I, too, made some promises with you but I failed to keep any of them. *1 Yet I had no power over you; I did nothing but to invite you to my way and you accepted my invitation. *2 So do not now blame me, but blame yourselves. I cannot help you here, nor can you help me. I dissociate myself from your making me a partner with God before this. *3 Such wrong-doers are sure to receive a grievous torment. "

For scholars. Where is the barrier of Gog and Magog? It is made of iron and brass.

Qur'an 34:10. We bestowed Grace aforetime on David from Ourselves:[3775] "O ye Mountains! Sing ye back the Praises of God with him! and ye birds (also)! And We made the iron soft for him;

34:11. (Commanding), "Make thou coat of mail, balancing well[3777] the rings of chain armour, and work ye righteousness;[3778] for be sure I see (clearly) all that ye do."

34:12. And to Solomon (We made) the Wind (obedient):[3779] Its early morning (stride) was a month?s (journey), and its evening (stride) was a month?s (journey); and We made a Font[3780] of molten brass to flow for him; and there were Jinns that worked in front[3781] of him, by the leave of his Lord, and if any of them turned aside from our command, We made him taste of the Penalty of the Blazing Fire.

34:13. They worked for him as he desired, (making) Arches,[3782] images, basons as large as reservoirs, and (cooking) cauldrons fixed (in their places): "Work ye,[3783] sons of David, with thanks! but few of My servants are grateful!"

34:14. Then, when We decreed (Solomon?s) death, nothing showed them his death except a little[3784] worm of the earth, which kept (slowly) gnawing away at his staff: so when he fell down, the Jinns saw[3785] plainly that if they had known the unseen, they would not have tarried in the humiliating Penalty (of their Task).


On Judgement

As a man judges, so he is judged.

Do not appease thy fellow in the hour of his anger, and comfort him not in the hour when his dead lie before him, and question him not of his vow, and rush not to see him in the hour of his disgrace.

Allah does not ask any soul to bear a burden greater than one is able to bear

No soul shall bear the sins of another on that day. That is the judgement falls on those who have caused the sin, not necessarily the one who committed it. 

Each one stands alone. If you cannot stand naked before the sun, how will you stand before my fathers kingdom, which burns a thousand times brighter?

Intent, not action is what is judged.

Each is his own witness against himself on that day.

To Christians awaiting the rapture: When I come I will reject many of you. Those who allied themselves with the Zionist state are rejected. I never knew you, nor you me.


 Turn back and seek a light where you can (a rope from God or a rope from man), for there is a gate in the barrier, within there is mercy, without wrath and punishment.

Before Imam Mahdi can emerge, a Caliph must die, and there will be argument over succession. A spititual death is equivalent to a real death.


Abdullah you are ground to dust. Tell it to that other worthless monarch who left her sovereignty swinging on the end of a rope in Singapore.


Our Father, who art in heaven;

Hallowed be thy name

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our trespasses

As we forgive those who trespass against us

And lead us not into temptation:

But deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory

For ever and ever



"He is risen, risen indeed" proclaimed a local church billboard. Oh, falsest of false sunrises - where were the words that were to come from his mouth?! And I will turn it over, turn it over, turn it over until he whose right it is comes. 


25 December 2012


The Kairos. The quick and the dead. Do not spill the seed of Abraham on the ground had nothing to do with semen, but the foundation, the first stone of monotheism, Zoroaster, who will also complete the work. Human beings need to see with their own eyes to understand, so as we celebrated the day when Sol Invictus was surpassed by monotheism, the Christians should be able to see that they did stand in the light of the midday sun, not at the beginning and end, so they need to sacrifice that heifer! The Qur'an was sent down to explain all things and almost did, but not the virgin birth. The three sinkings of the earth are not related to geophysical events, but to the barrier of Gog and Magog. 

Right on cue, almost miraculously, the Keepers of The Eastern Door of Great Turtle Island published this declaration: 

Under Islam, the prophet Muhammad gave priority to the rights of the indigenous people over any right to the resources in their lands. This should help answer the question "In this world of limited resources, who has the right to asert the instrumental agression. The fire is a cleansing fire, and the Great Law of Peace a returning statute. A merry Christmas and a happy New Eon to all.  



31 December 2012

Still they hide in the mountains! Like a potters vessel they will be shattered to shivers! What is all this fuss about calenders and timekeeping? The number 19?

Surah 74, "The Hidden Secret" states at 74:30 "Over it is 19". Surah 75 is "The Ressurection". I have explained above that Surah 19 is Mary, and the relationship of surah 24 "Light" to The Prophets (PBUH) encounter with the stone throwers, and that 19 represents the feminine principle.

Today is 18 Tevet, 5773 in the Hebrew calendar. Eighteen does happen to be the sum of 6+6+6. If one refers to Surah 18, we find "The Cave", where the three boys slept for 309 lunar years; which equates to 5871 solar years... If you then subtract 5773 from 5871, you get 98. Go to Surah 98 you see it is titled "THE PROOF". 

The barrier of Gog and Magog is the barrier between the faithfull workers of good deeds, and the deceitful. Made of iron and brass (or copper, depending on the translation), that is faith and good deeds: 

Revelation 21

 1: And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. 

2: And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. 

3: And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God. 

4: And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. 

5: And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful. 

6: And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. 

7: He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son. 

8: But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. 

9: And there came unto me one of the seven angels which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues, and talked with me, saying, Come hither, I will shew thee the bride, the Lamb's wife. 

10: And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God, 

11: Having the glory of God: and her light was like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal; 

12: And had a wall great and high, and had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel: 

13: On the east three gates; on the north three gates; on the south three gates; and on the west three gates. 

14: And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and in them the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb. 

15: And he that talked with me had a golden reed to measure the city, and the gates thereof, and the wall thereof. 

16: And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal. 

17: And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel. 

18: And the building of the wall of it was of jasper: and the city was pure gold, like unto clear glass. 

19: And the foundations of the wall of the city were garnished with all manner of precious stones. The first foundation was jasper; the second, sapphire; the third, a chalcedony; the fourth, an emerald; 

20: The fifth, sardonyx; the sixth, sardius; the seventh, chrysolite; the eighth, beryl; the ninth, a topaz; the tenth, a chrysoprasus; the eleventh, a jacinth; the twelfth, an amethyst. 

21: And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several gate was of one pearl: and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass. 

22: And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it. 

23: And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof. 

24: And the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it: and the kings of the earth do bring their glory and honour into it. 

25: And the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day: for there shall be no night there. 

26: And they shall bring the glory and honour of the nations into it. 


Please note, the prostitutes and publicans, even the tax collectors can make it into the kingdom, and it is a purifying fire. Woe, however to the worthless shepherd who leaves the flock, his right eye is blinded and he's led most of them, and yes even more women than men, into the hellfire.


The White horse came with a crown (sovereignty) and a bow (power to take life). The Red horse was given the power to make war. The Black horse comes with scales, the balance , for judgement and the pale horse is death, for those judged, then the White horse returns, again with the crown and the bow, this time for death and hell, and the order is established, for the last time. He will rule with a rod of iron, and a rule that is eternal. 


The name written above the gate is MERCY, so don't tarry or you'll miss the boat! Turn back and find a light where you can. It's a networking process. My duty has been first and foremost to the indigenous people of this country. I care not if they are a drunk, or even a murderer, as he who causes another to sin is worse than a murderer, and no soul shall bear the sins of another on that day. Do not do to others what is hurtful to you, or indeed you will taste the punishment for what you used to do. People I love the most are , for example, Peter and Mary, two Vietnamese refugees who run the store at 101 Addison Rd, Marrickville, and Fortune Dim Sim at Hurstville.


As the "zero hour" approaches, the US teeters at the edge of the fiscal cliff, while congress plays "conflict of the orders". It seems dajjals "day like a day" also approaches. To those who demanded "more than just music", I'll continue to strive to give you just that. When is genetics our destiny?


Someone said "We've got a secret!" A campus in Woollongong, Dubai, MIT in Sydney. I say: My secrets bigger than yours! "Now look what you've done!" (Again, a couple of recent advertising slogans). 

Our media still continue to amaze. About 1999 they were on the verge of "an Educating Rita type revolution". Still verging. Then there was "the creative generation, riding on a wave of government and parental support". Still riding. "An age of celebrity": gone. "An age of media": gone. An age of justice: Here to stay.

As our signals intelligence and human intelligence come closer together, the zero hour approaches. This reminds one of the parable of the crab and the leech, which I feel may have been somehow related to the Benghazi incident, which again I feel may be somehow related to the "intelligence failure" of 9/11. I learned this from a TV documentary (I was visiting , I don't generally watch TV) I glimpsed a couple of weeks back.

The crab is like the "tank" of the pond. Heavily armoured, with strong, sharp claws for weapons. At first glance, the leech would seem to have no chance in battle. The leech however, is fast and slippery. If it can penetrate the crabs defenses, it latches on to the shell, and enters the crab through a bodily orifice, and begins to suck the life out of it's helpless prey. It also sends a signal to all the other leeches in the pond, who then line up for their turn. If you think you are a crab or a leech, you have not arrived at the place where the two oceans meet, so don't be like those jinn who were with Solomon, and tarried and had to face the penalty of the fire. 

Meanwhile, Mr. "sub rosa" at Smoking Mirrors is in the land of the temple prostitute, certain that the cosmos will provide. So as self returns to self, and his close freinds at "The Truthseeker" personally recommend you buy physical gold here: 



he may be reminded of his own words "bent over and..." those who have read it would know the rest. This is all connected with Moses journey to "the place where the two oceans meet" and the erosion of the base of the wall that was to provide funds for the orphans, for those who have understanding. 

Moreover, he once saw a skull floating on the waters, and he said to it "Because you have drowned others, they have drowned you, but in the end, they too must be drowned". So it was said "Before Abraham was, I AM".

Humanity seems to have got itself in an awful mess, and perhaps their is not enough available resource for us all to survive. Are we are about to witness the return of the bible plagues? We seem to be observing most of the "signs of the last day", and the three sinkings of the earth would seem imminent. Still, all this is my opinion, and Allah knows best. Always pray to "the opener of the book".



Someone was 98 years out, it seems. How else could the year number, 12, matching the 12 month solar calendar, also be going to 13, representing the 13 month lunar calendar at just this moment? Surah 98 being "The Proof". The 24/12/12 was my 52nd birthday. Surah 52 is Sinai, The Mount, and so they should be able to see the smoke. Is not Allah the best of schemers? And does the book not explain all things? Surah 95: "The Fig", your garment.

[95:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful  

[95:1] By the fig and the olive.  

[95:2] Mount Sinai.  

[95:3] And this honored town (Mecca).  

[95:4] We created man in the best design.

[95:5] Then turned him into the lowliest of the lowly.

[95:6] Except those who believe and lead a righteous life; they receive a reward that is well deserved.

[95:7] Why do you still reject the faith?

[95:8] Is GOD not the Most Wise, of all the wise ones?



The next 3 surahs are 96:"The Embryo"; 97: "Destiny"; 98:"Proof". 

99: Is "The Quake".


7 January 2013

A clarification on the two angels - they are the angels at each side of the golden lampstand (Zechariah), however, there was a source of knowledge prior to the planting of those two gardens. The Qur'an does explain all things. I was unaware of the dispute in high society. 

Unfortunately most were to busy watching "the stars line up from the front row" to notice the end of history. They may say they never come by here, but how is it that aas soon as the "Sayings of the Jewish fathers" were mentioned, they were straight away on SBS television, declaring laws must be obeyed or they are not laws? Someone had to light that candle to set the whole world ablaze...

Poor dajjal thought he had become like God, able to walk through walls. He thought he was clever, fast and slippery like the leech, but when he came to the place where the two oceans meet, the crab cut him in half! Now he's got a dirty granny, and reincarnated himself as a turantula! (The billboard just south of the airport tunnel: Meet the turantula ...), but a bird swooped down and ate him up!


[72:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful  

[72:1] Say, "I was inspired that a group of jinns listened, then said, 'We have heard a wonderful Quran.*  

[72:2] "'It guides to righteousness, and we have believed in it; we will never set up any idols besides our Lord.  

[72:3] "'The Most High is our only Lord. He never had a mate, nor a son.  

[72:4] "'It is the foolish among us who used to utter such nonsense about GOD.  

[72:5] "'We thought that neither the humans, nor the jinns, could possibly utter lies about GOD.  

[72:6] "'Human beings used to seek power through jinn beings, but they only afflicted them with a lot of adversity.  

[72:7] "'They thought, just like you thought, that GOD would not send another (messenger).  

[72:8] "'We touched the heaven and found it filled with formidable guards and projectiles.  

[72:9] "'We used to sit there in order to spy. Anyone who listens is pursued by a powerful projectile.  

[72:10] "'We have no idea if something bad is intended for the inhabitants of Earth, or if their Lord wills to redeem them.  

[72:11] "'Some of us are righteous, and some are less than righteous; we follow various paths.

[72:12] "'We knew full well that we can never run away from GOD on earth; we can never run away and escape.  

[72:13] "'When we heard the guidance, we believed therein. Anyone who believes in his Lord will never fear any injustice, nor any affliction.  

[72:14] "'Among us are the submitters, and among us are the compromisers.'" As for those who submitted, they are on the right path.  

[72:15] As for the compromisers, they will be fuel for Gehenna.  

[72:16] If they remain on the right path, we will bless them with abundant water.  

[72:17] We will surely test them all. As for him who disregards the message of his Lord, He will direct him to ever increasing retribution.

I think it best to say nothing else other than "There is no God but Allah, and Muhhamad is the messenger".


5 February 2012

Allah explains further in Surah 74, The One Enveloped; also translated as The Hidden Secret: 

[74:30] Over it are nineteen (angels as guardians and keepers of Hell)

[74:31] And We have set none but the angels as guardians of the Fire. And We have fixed their number (19) only as a trail for the disbelievers, in order that the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) may arrive at a certainty [that this Qur'an is the truth as it agrees with their books regarding the number (19) which is written in the Taurat (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel) and that the believers may increase in Faith (as this Qur'an is the truth), and that no doubt may be left for the people of the Scripture and the believers, and those in whose hearts is a disease (of hypocrisy) and the disbelievers may say: "What Allah intends by this (curious) example?" Thus Allah leads astray whom He wills and guides whom He wills. And none can know the hosts of your Lord but He. And this (Hell) is nothing else than a (warning) reminder to mankind.

(From the translation and interpretation by Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali and Dr. Muhammad Mushin Khan)

It also should be noted that the letters A.L.M. at the beginning of Surah 2, The Heifer, or The Cow, correspond to the first, twelth and thirteenth letters respectively, of the Hebrew alphabet. 1 for unity; 12 for the solar calendar (The Sun, masculine principle); 13 for the lunar calendar (The Moon, feminine principle). 


24 February 2013

Some further observations regarding the Qur'anic letters: Q corresponds to the 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Heading Surah 50, it is placed midway between 0 (non-existence) and 100 (unity). The letters heading Surah 19 [Kaf-Hah-Ya-Ain-Sad] are a unique combination, the only string of 5 and the longest string. 5+19 = 24, Surah 24 being "Light". If one pronounces the letters as a word, "Khyas", it is remarkably similar to "Kairos", though one is being rather speculative about any relationship between the two.   

Peace and blessings to Samer Issawi, whose fate rests in God's hands. Surely he is of the victorious.


21 September 2013

Today is Betty Ong Day. Lest we forget.

Imran Hosein is hosting a conference in London, starting today, I believe. Thanks again to Sheik Imran for his insights regarding Akhirulzaman. The Sheik is correct, I believe, in his analaysis regarding dajjal; that the false messiah must appear first, before the return of Christ. This represents one with the dilema of how to avoid being caught in his "river" that is really a fire. Not an easy task in this country. 

Meanwhile, I have made much progress in the study of the gematria of the Qur'an. It would seem to me that Islam will be able to confirm itself as the restored religion of Abraham; that said, it should be remembered that in the New Testament it is written: Abraham new my day, and was glad to see it. Before Abraham was, I am.



27 December 2013

Seasons greetings to anyone who may read this; and truly all praise is due to Allah.

I thought it was a bold move on the part of  Les Visible, calling down the Avatar, raising the wand (?) and making "his world declaration of independence from criminal Israel", but I don't think the Jesus was a mushroom theory really gets to the heart of the matter. No pesky hair-splitting scholars for Les. Does the cosmos have sense of humour?

Some thoughts from the ancients relating to todays date 27/12/13, which happens to have 12 and 13. 27?

Plutarch, commenting on the 'Tetractys':... now the final number of the series, which is 27 has this peculiarity, that it is equal to the sum of the preceeding numbers (1,2,3,4,9,8); it  also represents the periodical number of days in which the moon completes her monthly course; the Pythagoreans have made it the tone of all their harmonic intervals. (Magic Squares And Cubes, Andrews; Dover Books). 

As the number relates to a magic square 27x27, Plato states: "(it) is concerned with days and nights, months and years."  Concerning "the finding of the number of the state (Republic, Book VIII; 546) the problem is, according to Jowett " a puzzle almost as great as that of the Beast in The Book Of Revelation!" (ibid)I beleive there are reasons for all things.

The 27 square can be arranged as a calender, of 365 days and 364 nights and perhaps the two problems are indeed related?

Is there a relationship to 19?

3^3(27) - 2^3(8)  = 19, so the numbers are related as the difference of these two cubes.

Also, 27 x 19 = 513, which happens to be the next whole number after 2^9, 512, so again up comes 12 and 13. 



12 January 2014

As iron sharpens iron, so freind sharpens freind.

One has not had the good fortune to find such a freind, it seems. There are some errors still in the things I have said above, particularly regarding those "two angels", so I'll leave it for now. Mr. Visible claims that "every orgasm is death", yet one of those pesky hair-splitting scholars, David Klinghoffer, author of "Why The Jews Rejected Jesus" has claimed sexual purity was never at the core of Jewish morality. Celibate mushrooms?

My freinds up at Hurstville have had to move on. I guess it didn't help having the shop window smashed, or being forced to close to upgrade the kitchen by council, immediately after they re-opened following renovations. These things can really sink you when margins are tight. At least they weren't  as unfortunate as "Choc", poor Anthony's place burnt down! Choc and Awe! Maybe when Hurstville get's her Imam back things will improve.

Rome is ready to drop the Trinity!!! Sir Isaac Newton thought it a heresy. Stiill, the Holy Spirit can't be denied, nor Christ. 

It seems those books really do contain the secret thoughts of God. Some very difficult things for men (or ladies, there are some good female scholars of religion), to understand. So it is, the Lord will come, destroy all flesh, save a little for the sake of the elect. Judgement by God is always superior to man's, as all relevant facts are known to the Ruler, nothing is left out and all is perfectly fair. That is my opinion, and Allah knows best. 

I heard the son of the founder of Hammas quoting Surah 9:5 as evidence of a problem with the foundations of Islam on You-tube. Maybe it helps to think of it this way:

9 + 5 = 14, which is the number for Surat Ibrahim, Abraham.

Over it is 19, so the difference being 5, takes us to Surat Al-Ma'idah, The Table Spread With Food - mannah from heaven. Not a white vegetable gum, to my understanding. Maybe someone could explain this to Sam Harris too?


Does the cosmos have a sense of humour? Well, if you say the cosmos is the kingdom, then the sun, the moon and the stars shall preceed you.

As iron sharpens iron, so freind sharpens freind - Solomon.


2 February 2014

Harut and Marut.

28 years ago today, Sunday 2nd of February 1986, Anita Lorraine Cobby was abducted, raped and murdered. Rest In Peace Anita, now joined by her loving parents, Gary and Grace Lynch. Amen.


18 April 2014

A good time to read Revelation XI, where the two witnesses prophecise, in conjuction with Zechariah 11. The opposers should remember Pilate's words: "You have a guard, so post it".


19 April 2014

Who is more wicked than he (yes, or she) who lays in wait for a man?


20 April 2014

We now know the cocept of the vigin birth was based on a mistrantlation of the original Hebrew text into the Greek Septuagant, the translation of the seventy. Was a clue to a hidden meaning left in the name Septuagent? 24 hours make a day, and three days equals 72 hours. If God made the world in six days, that would equate to 144. The number of the saved being written as 144, 000.

2,5,7,12,19, 31,50, is a simple but interesting sequence, for those who have eyes to see. Also Surah number 50 in the Quran is 'Q'. The arabic gematrical value of  'Q' is 100. 50 + 19 = 69, the first Surah after the last one headed with a letter or letters., "The Inevitable".

'q' was also the last sound represented in the Lydian alphabet, written as '+'.

The Arabic word "khamsin" means 50, and also the name given to the seasonal hot desert wind in north Africa.

Surah 19 is Mary.

Surah 5 is "The Table Spread With Food"

19 - 5 = 14, "Abraham"

19 + 5 = 24,  "Light"

19 + 14 = 33 "The Confederates"

The penalty for adultery, according to the prophet Jesus, who said: "I have only called my self  the Son of God in the sense that you have called yourselves Son's of God" to those who wished to stone him, was not 100 lashes in public. He said to the accused woman "Neither do I condem you, but go and sin no more". The One is most merciful, so we should not eat the flesh of swine, and let us not be of those who love their life 'till the end. 

"Outside are the whoremongers, idolators, fornicators, the fearful, the murderers and all that maketh a lie."

Whoremongering after their own hearts and minds in these matters. Making idols out of many things, including the scriptures. Commiting spiritual fornication, the practice of celibacy originating with the Hindu's, certainly not with the Hebrews, and to the best of my knowledge the Zoroastrian's, who accepted marriage. (Even they that peiced him...) The murderers, being the worst of crimes, yet their is always hope for the repentent. Those fearful of their own mortality, and the liars, who simply deceive themselves

Considering murderers, I can see no unforgivable sin attached tp our sister Ruyati Binti Sapubi, but her executioners may find the last day a difficult one. 

The time will come when none may buy or sell without the mark.. "Would that this cup pass from my hands, but if not, then so be it."

Our two witnesses...not for the tribes as it turns out. What  of the Goddess and "The four men who are with (her) me", and that sheet of fine white linen, that will not tear, and those men of sharp whits tugging at each corner?

He will deceive even the very elect if possible.


27 April 2014

19 x 106 = 2014.  Q = 100 (Arabic gematric value).

106 - 100 = 6

6 x 19 = 114, number of Surah's in the Qur'an.

70 days the time alloted to the embalming of a Pharoah's body, the nuber of days Sirius is hidden below the horizon. 6 x 12 = 72. 12 x 12 = 144, Q is Surah 50, gematric value 100 .

A question that was asked: "When is genetics our destiny?"

"They cannot stand against us, other than the manner in which a man who is going insane tries to stand." Qur'an.

Let them make their treaties and trade agreements. China was without net for three days when the GFC began. One does also remember a report made here, ie. Australia of a provincial girl of that nation who suffered a similar fate to  Anita, yet due to being well connected to the local CCP, the prime suspects were never questioned. 

"Australia, where men are men and sheep live in fear."?

So said a follower of  Khalil Gibran. In the final address in The Prophet", one could not help notice no parting words were said to the military commander. "By the life of Pharoah" did Joseph weed out spies. What happens when national security and personal security are one and the same?

John 11; 47 - 53.


19 June 2014

Z 11:11; R 11:11

4 x 11 = 44

44 + 70 = 114

106 x 19 = 2014

"...but know this: If the master of the house knew the time, he would not allow his house to be broken into."


2 August 2014

Allah and YHWH are the same One. Is Ra El? These demonic spirits keep leading the powers off to war, there is not much one can do except attain to the patience off the Saints. 

1260 + 70  = 1330

1330 / 70 = 19. 


4 September 2014

Bessed are they that wait for the 1335 days. YHWH, the God of the Old Testament is the same God as that of the New Testament and Qur'an. Those awkward and difficult passages that  create this confusion over  God's merciful and benevolent nature, to my understanding are explained in John 8:44. 

8 + 44 = 52.


24 September 2014

Who is worse on the day of resurrection than those who think they are doing good but are not? 

He will deceive, if possible, even the very elect; as a corollary, it would seem he must certainly deceive the rest. Everything humans need to know is I now believe, contained in the Scriptures. I don't wish to be responsible for causing othes to sin - worse than a murderer. The vainglorious will be preceded in the Kingdom by the prostitutes and tax collectors (publicans in one translation I've read), and last place is reserved for the absolutely wicked who lay snares for men upon the earth. perhaps they should consider their circumstance before time expires? One can only hope.

13 years and 13 days have passed since the day "our world changed forever". 3 days since the day her family and community recognise as "Betty Ong Day". The girls on flight 11 showed courage, so  I think, considering recent calls to "Cage The Cowards" in our media one should put oneself in their shoes, particularly Amy Sweeney, who was more exposed than Betty.

Amnesty International is campaigning  for "No Loopholes For Rapists'". Perhaps they would be interested in a recent decision, according to what seems a reliable report, made by an Imam in Tambak Rego, Indonesia. An 80 y.o. woman was raped, by a man I beleive was around mid twenties. The assailants wife claimed the old woman had used witchcraft on her husband, And the local Imam ordered the old woman stoned. She died not long after. 

Who is worse on the day of resurrection than those who think they are doing good when they are not?

3 April 2015

Watch and wait. It seems important to remember "Fogive them father, for they know not what they do." Isaiah 43:9, John 19:15 are my thoughts for today.


14 January 2017

I thought It wise to take a break for a while. I am convinced the Quran does indeed explain all things. i did consider editing some things I have said above, however I don't mind people seeing my blunders. The situation in Gaza is so disturbing I find it difficult to concentrate on anything else. The Christains and Jews do indeed take their preists and rabbi's as partners beside Allah.

13 July 2018 My teacher.


17 October 2018

The best teacher concerning spiritual matters I have found is Shaykh Nazim Haqqani, so I will direct people to his teachings. I did formerly take Bayyath a few months ago.

"Saints are waiting for your spiritual call to save you":


"The Abjad Table":  


30 January 2019

  Some perspecives on Torah interpretation from Doreen Dotan, a lady in Israel :

Hamasiach *IS* correct interpretation of Torah

David Is The Holy Sovereign Unoin, Not A Monarch 


2 February 2019

Dr Noor Kabbani explains the meaning of the letters that begin Surah 19 of the Qur'an "Mary"  


7 February 2019

Alexander Unzicker makes some interesting observations as to how allowing for variable speed of light greatly simplifies the standard cosmological model: 


21 April 2019

I thought I should clarify something. "Call no man rabbi, for there is one above who teaches", however I do wish people to consider what Grand Sheikh Nazim had to say.


18 June 2019

Qur'an 18:49 And the book (one's Record) will be placed (in the right hand for a believer in the Oneness of Allah, and in the left hand for a disbeliever in the Oneness of Allah) and you will see the Mujrimun (criminals, polytheists, sinners) fearful of that which is (recorded) therein. "Woe to us! What sort of a book is this that leaves neither a small thing nor a big thing, but has recorded it with numbers!" And they will find all that they did, placed before them, and your Lord treats no one with injustice.

Qur'an 36:12 Verily, We give life to the dead, and We record that which they send before (them), and their traces and all things We have recorded with numbers (as a record) in a clear book.

The Qur'an clearly indicates the importance of numbers. I thank Doreen Dotan for her work with the gematria, clearly showing David is The Holy Sovereign Union, Not A Monarch (30 January 2019, above). The letters Alif-Lam-Mim appearing in the Qur'an have the number values 1-30-40 respectively. 1 i take to represent the Oneness of Allah, 30 + 40 give the total 70.

Qur'an 69:25 But as for him who will be given his record in his left hand, will say: "I wish that I had not been given my record!

           69:26 "And that I had never known how my Account is?

           69:27 "Would that it had been my end (death)!

           69:28 "My wealth hasa not availed me;

           69:29 "My power (and garments to defend myself) have gone from me!"

           69:30 (it will be said): "Seize him and fetter him;

           69:31 Then throw him in the blazing Fire.

           69:32 "Then fasten him with a chain whereof the length is seventy cubits!"

70 + 44 = 114. As mentioned above this may be configured using Zachariah 11:11 and Revelation 11:11 + 70.

Or Isaiah 22:22 I will place on his shoulder the key to the hiouse of David; what he opens no one can shut, what he shuts no one can open.

Qur'an 74:30 Over it are nineteen (angels as guardians and keepers of Hell)

            74:31 And We have set none but Angels as guardians of the Fire. And We have fixed their number (19) only as atrial for the disbelievers, in order that the the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) may arrive at a certainty [that this Qur'an is the truth as it agrees with their Books regfarding the number (19) which is written in the Taurat (Torah) and the Injeel [Gospel] and that the believers may increase in Faith (as this Qur'an is the truth), and that no doubt may be left for the people of the Scripture and the believers, and those in whose hearts is a disease (of hypocrisy) and the disbelievers may say: "What Allah intends by this (curious) example?" Thus Allah leads astray whom He wills and guides whom He wills. And none can know the hosts of yiour Lord but He. And this (Hell) is nothing else than a warning reminder to mankind.

From the King James Bible Almanack it can be seen that 19 is refered to as the Golden Number. It is the number of years the moon takes to complete it's analemma if I remember correctly? 

The 19th chapter of Revelation is Hallelujah!  

The 19th Surah of the Qur'an is Mary.


22 June 2019

"He who has an ear, let him her what the Spirit says to the churces. To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the pardise of God." Revelation 2:7

"He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. He who overcomes will not be hurt at all by the second death." Revelation 2:11

I thought I would continue with some more anylisis of numbers in the Holy books. Another important passage which sums to 44 is Exodus 22:22 "Do not take advantage of the widow or the fatherless." An important passage when considering the life of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. 23 If you do and they cry out to me, I will certainly hear their cry 24 My anger will be aroused and I will kill you with the sword; your wives will become widows and your children fatherless.

Also the Old Testament is the translation of the Seventy. Surah 70 in the Qur'an (Al-Ma'arij, The Ways of Ascent) has 44 versus, again a total of 114. 70AD was the year of the destruction of the Jewish temple by Rome, and 44BC was the year of Juilius Caesar's assisination, again giving the total of 114. Philipians 4 Final Greetings "21 Greet all the saints in Christ Jesus. The brothers who are with me send greetings. 22 All the saints send you greetings, especially those who belong to Caesars household. 23 The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen.

Some thoughts on the Trinity. The Father is the One, who is in heaven. The Holy Spirit is divine wisdom, or as Islam would put it the Ruh and the Son the one who receives; that would include all the prophets, if I understand correctly, just as Islam claims? "You will see the prophets line up."

6 x 19 = 114.

114 + 30 = 144 (30 is the number of years Jesus's ministry lasted ? Lam = 30)



 6 x 24 = 144 (the Lord created the world in six days) also 30 = 6 x 5 (Surah 5 being "The Table Spread with food).

144 being an important number (6  x 24, 24 hours in a day; 60 minutes in an hour gives 1440 minutes in a day. Revelation 7: 144,000 Sealed (7:3 Do not harm the land or the sea or the trees until we put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God.)

144 x 3 = 432, also an interesting number. If you continue the sequence you get 4321, and if you mirror the first three numbers you get 4321234 (7 integers in total). If you then remove the 1, representing Allah, two numbers remain: 432; 234. 

432 + 234 = 666, the number of the beast.

Also note, 6+6+6 = 18, and 432 may be factored as 18 x 24 (or (3X6) x (4x6)

6x6x6 = 216 (432/2)

Qur'an, Surah 66:6 Oh you who believe! Ward off yourselves and your families against s Fire (Hell) whose fuel is men and stones, over which are (appointed) angels stern (and) severe, who disobey not (from executing) the Commands they receive from Allah, but they do that which they are commanded.

432 x 60 = 25920, the number of solar years in the Great Year. Some other factorisations of signifigance in this regard are 360 x 72 ( 360 degrees our stamdard division of a circle, 3 x 24 

= 72) and

40 (Mim) x 24 x 27. 24 being the hours in a day and 27 being the harmonic of the Pythagorians according to Plutarch, also a special number being 3^3 and the number of books in the New Testament.

A further example from the Qur'an: Surah's 25: 53 And it is He Who has let free the two seas (kinds of water): one palatable and sweet, and the other salt and bitter; and He has set a barrier and a complete partition betwwen them.

27: 61 Is not He (better than your gods) Who has made the earth a fixed abode, and has placed firm mountains therein, and has set a barrier between the two seas (of salt and sweet water)? Is thereany Ilah (God) with Allah? Nay but most of them know not!

Both the above passages reference the "two seas", and if you add the Surah numbers you get

25 +27 = 52 (weeks in a year) and the verse numbers

53 + 61 = 114

Another 44 passage from the New Testament:

John 6:44 "No-one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him, and I will raise him up at the last day."

And from Daniel 12 5 - 11 there are those numbered days: 1260, 1290, 1335.

1260 = 18 x 70, adding another 30 (Lam) gives 1290. 1335 can be arrived at using significant numbers in two ways 666 x 2 + 3 or

19 x 70 + 5.

The words of Isaiah 22:22 (Key of David) are echoed in Revelation 3:7 "To the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: 

     These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What he opens no-one can shut, and what he shuts no-one can open".


24 June 2019

The house of Davieth brings forth a piercing bright light

Qur'an, Surat At-Tariq (The Night - Comer), Surah LXXXVI

1. By the heaven, and At - Tariq (the night comer, i.e. the bright star);

2. And what will make you to know what At - Tariq (night comer) is?

3. (It is) the star of piercing brightness;


3 x 86 = 256 [2^8, or 2^(2^3)]

Also, regarding 144, it is the 12th Fibonnaci number.


Revelation 5:5 Then one of the elders said to me, "Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and it's seven seals."

Revelation 12:6 The woman fled into the desert to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1260 days. (18 x 70) remembering the reference in Daniel.

78:38 The Day that Ar - Ruh [Jibrael (Gabriel) or another angel) will stand forth in rows, they will not speak except him who the Most Gracious (Allah) allows and he will speak what is right.


14 Aprii 2020

Dr. E. Michael Jones: Fides et Ratio or Faith and Reason:


12 August 2020

I just wanted a job as a music teacher, anyway "We need more than just music", so I will continue to do my best. 

Qur'an 66.6 Oh you who believe! Ward off yourselves and your families against a Fire (Hell) whos fuel is men and stones, over which are appointed angels stern and severe, who disobey not from executing the Commands they receive from Allah, but do that which they are commanded. 

Torah 2 Samuel 22:28  And the afflicted people thou wilt save: but thine eyes are upon the haughty, that thou mayest bring them down.

2 Samuel 22:51 He is the tower of salvation for his king: and sheweth mercy to his anointed, unto David, and to his seed for evermore.

Isaiah 9:13 But the people have not returned to him who struck them,

    nor have they sought the Lord Almighty.

14 So the Lord will cut off from Israel both head and tail,

    both palm branch and reed in a single day;

15 the elders and dignitaries are the head,

    the prophets who teach lies are the tail.

16 Those who guide this people mislead them,

2 Corinthians 10:4 The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. 5 We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. 6 And we will be ready to punish every act of disobedience, once your obedience is complete.

And never do we punish without sending a warner. Who is watching? We are of course! And We are closure than your Jugular by our knowledge.  



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