"A complex web of interactions and dependances can hold a linguistic or conceptual practice together even in the absence of a common creed that all participants at all times are required to endorse. This more tolerant form of unity arguably serves our purposes better..." (Williamson, 2007).


A good place to begin, this view of our world as a complex web of interactions and dependences which hold together linguistic or conceptual practices. A more tolerant form of unity does indeed serve our purposes better; unfortunately not everyone is tolerant enough to maintain such a reasonable position, but those of us who do will, I believe, benifit greatly by allowing diverse perspectives to interact.


The purpose of the ICS is a practical one - to realise a unified vision for the 21st century and beyond, utilising the www. There are many excellent sites on philosophy, religion, art, science, history - all modes of conscious human activity - creating a literal ocean of information, which itself may be concieved as a complex adaptive system comprised of the databases, information transmission systems and our interconnected individual minds - a system which reflects our shared consciousness - a system from which insights into consciousness unfold as a natural process, synthesizing conflicting ideologies, beliefs and value systems: evolving. The conflicts between religions, and the divide between religion and science, have presented fundamental obstacles to our ability to respond to global challenges. To achieve workable solutions to these challenges, we must, I believe, comprehend the system as an integrated whole.



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